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SWIFT Networks establishes the biggest Wi-Fi footprint in Africa across Lagos to provide users Free Internet access

The leading broadband service provider to offices and residential customers in Nigeria, SWIFT Networks, has come up with an innovative business model roping in global brands to provide free broadband Wi-Fi access to residents of Lagos.

Dubbed the Red Cheetah, this program running over the SWIFT Networks infrastructure will see an initial 10,000 hotspots established across the state of Lagos. The free internet Wi-Fi connection will be supported by advertisement revenues from the global brands that have partnered with SWIFT to launch Red Cheetah program.

SWIFT says Red Cheetah will help residents of the state of Lagos deepen broadband penetration and its aspiration to have universal internet access for a better social equity and digital inclusion.

Charles Anudu, the entrepreneur behind SWIFT Networks in a statement said: “The Red Cheetah service model once more follows in SWIFT’s tradition of demystifying and making technology to work for Nigerians so that they can hook up to the digital world to explore, work and entertain more efficiently.

We are excited to pioneer this cutting edge service model and will rapidly extend it to more cities in Nigeria and the continent. The security of every user’s access is enhanced by the Red Cheetah App, which establishes a distinct and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the internet for each device on the platform.

I strongly believe that this dogged work of over two years is the ideal

model that will empower Nigerians to live their most productive lifestyles in a digital world. I am extra proud that everything about Read Cheetah is Nigerian and shows what we can achieve when we commit to solving the problems of our society taking out context into consideration.”

The company’s COO, Mr. Chukwuma Okoye added: “Our plan is to roll out an initial 10,000 Red Cheetah hotspots in Lagos, which will be the largest Wi-Fi footprint of its kind anywhere in Africa and will cover many verticals including schools, airports, buses, taxis, shopping malls, bars, clubs, restaurants, open markets, hospitals, and in fact any place where Nigerians need to research, catch up on work and play.

This revolutionary service powered by SWIFT is fast, secure, reliable, and supported by legendary sponsor brands with strong commitment to corporate social responsibility to Nigeria.”

About the Red Cheetah hotspots across Lagos

The Red Cheetah hotspots began working earlier thig month at select locations around Lagos including Festival Mall, Hard Rock Café, MMA-2, Smart Cabs, VGC Club, Smart Cabs, some 200 BRT Busses, Eko Hospital, and Smart Cabs among others.

The rollout is still ongoing, as SWIFT engineers work to set up more locations across the state. The broadband service provider is targeting at least 10,000 Red Cheetah hotspots spread out across the state of Lagos.

To access the internet via the Red Cheetah program, the users must first install the Red Cheetah app for Android (available for free on Play Store or and complete a mandatory one-time online registration for that particular Android device.

If a user has multiple Android devices, s/he will have to complete the mandatory one-time registration for each devices. Currently, SWIFT has published only the Android version of the app. Other operating system will have to wait a while longer for SWIFT to release the app so they too can enjoy free internet access.

While connected to the internet, users must view adverts at intervals during their connection. These adverts are from the sponsors and partners who partnered with SWIFT to make Red Cheetah free internet Wi-Fi hotspots possible.

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