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Synchronized Winning: How To Effectively Work With An Overseas Digital Marketing Agency


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The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that you don’t need to be in the same city as your chosen agency in order to achieve the desired results. You could be thousands and thousands of miles away – having never met your campaign manager face to face – and still end up making a truckload of money through your website.

However, working with an overseas digital marketing agency is not without its challenges.

With that in mind, how can you effectively work with an overseas digital marketing agency? Keep reading and we’ll share some viable tips so you can make it work…

  1. Respect their boundaries

Just because your digital marketing agency is contracted to work for you, it doesn’t give you the right to call on them whenever it suits you.

Would you want your clients calling you at 3am in the morning when it could easily wait until you get into the office?

The key is to respect one another’s boundaries. Understand the time zone difference and take note of their working hours.

  1. Share schedules

The key to ultimate synchronicity is to share schedules with your campaign manager. When you can clearly see what one another has for the day, it will be much easier to carve out half an hour (or however much time is necessary) at a time that suits you both.

  1. Show up at the agreed time

Certainly, things come up now and again, and you may invariably miss the occasional appointment. It works both ways. However, you should endeavor to set specific dates and times to meet and then show up consistently.

Working with an overseas digital marketing agency is so much easier when both parties respect one another’s time and turn up when agreed.

  1. Use multiple collaboration tools

There are so many awesome collaboration tools at your disposal that can make working across multiple time zones practically effortless.

You can use video conferencing software to chat face to face, screen share docs, and communicate effectively.

Similarly, there are many collaboration tools and document-sharing software you can use where multiple relevant parties can make real-time notes and edits as necessary, thus minimizing the need to go back and forth with emails or phone calls.

The best part? Using advanced cloud computing solutions can help you mitigate many of the security concerns businesses face when working with third-party agencies.

  1. Make sure you hire the right agency.

There are many compelling reasons to hire an overseas digital marketing agency, especially when they tick all of the right boxes. However, before you rush into business with just anyone, make sure that they have the reputation to back up their capabilities.

For example, if you make initial contact with a prospective SEO agency and their communication leaves much to be desired, it is typically a red flag.

You can mitigate this risk by looking for digital marketing agencies that have plenty of social proof and 5-star reviews from satisfied customers who attest to their superior CX.

This SEO company in Melbourne has social proof and case studies in spades – thus authenticating their ability to work well with a multitude of clients all over the world.

Similarly, if you hire a global digital marketing agency with offices in multiple locations, there’s a good chance that you will be assigned a campaign manager in a realistic time zone that suits your needs.

Final thoughts

Today, with more and more innovative collaboration tools on the rise, working with people all over the world – regardless of time zone is becoming the norm. So long as you stick to the above tips, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

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