T.I., Octavia Spence, Ellen DeGeneres score tickers for fans to watch Black Panther

black panther

American Hip Hop artists T.I. becomes the latest celebrity to sponsor people to see the Black Panther this weekend; the black-star superhero Marvel movie. There is no doubt the movie is one of the most anticipated films of 2018. The movie was first premiered at the end of January, and there have been several exclusive screening over the past few weeks, before its global release.

T.I. in partnership with Atlanta-area Walmart sent 300 people to the advance screening in his hometown, Atlanta. T.I. gave the tickets away to families at the Cascade Walmart.

The rapper has made a name for himself not just as a prominent music artist in the music industry, but one of the celebrities who give back to the community. He has a holiday tradition where he gives out gifts to single mothers at Walmart in Atlanta.

He has set out to become a positive role model in the community by becoming a member of the Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Bottom’s transition team. This team brings together a diverse group of community leaders ranging from CEOs, artists, and educators among others to brainstorm on the various ways they can improve the community.

Other celebrities giving up Black Panther tickets

Well, T.I. is not the only celebrity giving up tickets to folks to watch the Black Panther. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer for one bought out the entire theatre show for the low-income Marvel fans down in Mississippi. TV host Ellen DeGeneres also raised money to send kids from the Harlem’s Boys & Girls Club to watch the movie.

The Black Panther is unlike any other Marvel or Hollywood movie for that matter. It is a movie where the star is a black hero and will be a refreshing superhero movie especially for the black community who for years have only seen white heroes as the stars in virtually all films.

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