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Tackling a Bathroom Remodel on a Budget


You can raise the value of your home with a simple remodel of your bathroom. However, with the amount of areas to renovate, it is easy to spend a great deal more than you planned. Bathtubs, showerheads, toilets, vanities, and even lighting can change the feel of the space. When you are looking for a different atmosphere but have limited funds, there are a few ways to work with a set budget.

Maintain the Same Layout

It is expensive to move the plumbing around. Therefore, keep the arrangement of the current floor plan. There are other ways to make a room feel bigger without tearing out walls. Anytime you change the dimensions, or where fixtures are located, you will be increasing the remodeling project and need contractors to fix electrical or water lines. The best way to stay on a tight budget is to work with what you are given.

Repurpose Current Possessions

Another way to save a lot of money is to refinish or repurpose items you already have. Cabinets can look brand new if you repaint them and add new pulls. Tile can be torn out and refinish the floor with paint, or simply tile the shower area only. Bathtubs, sinks, and showers can feel new with a new faucet. Any place where you can create a new look with an existing piece will save money.

Shop the Sales

Purchasing items at a discounted rate will always cut costs. Many places sell items at a discounted rate, especially if they are offering gently used products. Other sites, like Victoria Plum, have clearance sections with things that are last year’s style. If you are crafty, look at thrift stores where you can turn old dressers or curio cabinets into vanities and cabinets. Watch when businesses typically put things on sale, shop last year’s products, and consider laminate that looks the authentic material. Any chance you can, select the less expensive option.

Do-It-Yourself Whenever Possible

Not everyone has the knack for doing projects themselves. However, if you can tile a floor or install new fixtures, it will save you money. Hiring contractors will cost you the materials, time, and labor. If you must go with a specialized person for a project, consider purchasing the materials to assist. The more tasks you can take on yourself, the more money you will save. When selecting help, try to group projects and make sure to create deadlines.


After you plan on everything you would love to change about your bathroom, create a price list. If you are over your budget, you will want to start to prioritize projects. Heated floors sound great during the winter, but is that more important than a new showerhead? Evaluate every aspect and determine what your “must-haves” are and what items you can live without.

Go Eco-Friendly

Finally, consider selecting new products that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. You may be asking yourself how that is saving money because they cost more. However, the government in many locations will give you refunds for purchasing products that help the environment. In addition, these products will save you money in the long run. You will use less water and less electricity, which lowers your bills immensely every month.

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