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Take Notes, Organize Thoughts, Map Your Mind using Paditor [iOS App]

by Fahad Saleem

Take Notes, Organize Thoughts, Map Your Mind using Paditor [iOS App]

The words have no boundaries. The extent and deepness of thoughts cannot be measured but you can explore them out. Do you want to pen down the creativity of thoughts and ideas? Paditor is a new iPhone app that lets you create the marvels. Illustrate the uniqueness of your thoughts along with the memorable moments being captured in the Paditor’s frame. Paditor gives an outline where you can pour your ideas and form effective and impressive words that can molest the reader’s mind. With the show he world how powerful your ideas are! Paditor will serve you as a lifetime organizer for your precious words. Inspire the world with your inspirations. It is the world of enlighten words, glorious pictures and vibrant audio techs.

A happy place for kids

Kids love to play with pictures. In the beginning, when they start to recognize  words and holds a pen, the hidden future artists wakes up and the small minds start to canvas their innocent thoughts. Paditor will help their thoughts to groom. The Paditor is very easy and simple to use without any complicated features. The kids can easily hands down on paditor. Also the voice recordings will let them play and record voices.

Complete paperless working
What if anything clicks a unique creative idea in your mind, you don’t have a paper to trace it? Let’s make the work a fun! Turn your worry into a fun with Paditor! Just create it with Paditor and save. A complete paperless joy that can feel you like an all time working laboratory. You can take all your work to Paditor’s capacity and open your office there. The Paditor lets you to signature your important documents also.  Emails are just not the paper substitute to use. Paditor gives you the option to track and work with the grades, mileage, expense, poker winnings and a complete phone number diary which can track even the phone numbers of your next days.

Be more creative

The level of creativity is at peak. If you don’t like the wonders in the world, those which are standing conventionally with pride and no one can touch them to alter, imagine if you can! Yes! You can redesign them.

paditor 2

Imagine Paditor as your right hand working buddy!
It will be an efficient Personal Assistant to you that can manage your work while if you are on vacation or travelling. Like if you are on travel and planning to write your experience in the form of travel journal. Leave it on Paditor. Put your notes and Paditor will arrange them for you as a complete travel journal. It will be a more interesting experience for you than travelling.
A dictionary for your thoughts
Sometimes, only words and speeches fail to portray the ideas, and your customers don’t understand the hidden virtual beauty of your idea. Instantly craft your words in real time and enhance the level of persuasiveness and let your staff, clients and fans whipped in astonishment.

paditor 3

Student’s lecture diary

Do you feel unresponsive towards your class lectures? Or feel boring to pen down? Paditor is a real tutor for the students. Record your lectures, add presentations and notes. Just save and utilize for exams.


It is an innovator, a moderator, writer, listener, speaker and a perfect idea illustrator. For Paditor, the user’s list is not restricted. It can be an active companion for writers, novelists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, poets, inventors, kids, students, carpenter or any person bursting with the potential to think, develop and transform. The Paditor is the real tendency to just not perform, but to perform uniquely, meaningfully, impressively.


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