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Taking eCommerce to the next level: 8 Core Principles to Follow If You Want to Write Highly Converting Product Descriptions


If you are creating any sort of content it has to be eye-catching and engaging in order to grab the attention of the reader and it means that each written word has to be chosen with skill and care.

Articles on sales and marketing found on sites such as bullpreneur will often cover topics that include how to successfully promote a product or service and when it comes to creating compelling product descriptions that is also something that can be key to sales growth.

Here are some of the core principles to help you achieve that aim.

Hit the right target

One of the fundamentals is knowing your target audience and using that demographic data to write descriptions you know will appeal to your core customer profile.

Always continue to gather this valuable data and adapt your approach based on the profile and feedback picture you gather.

Sell the benefits

Generally speaking, customers want to know what a product is going to do for them and that is why it always pays to focus on the key benefits when writing your description.

A conversational style usually works

Your aim should be to adopt a conversational style that literally sounds like you are talking to the customer.

Using a natural tone and language appropriate to the way you would talk to someone in person is often a good way of delivering a great product description.

Provoke an emotional response

It is amazing how the written word can be so powerful and emotive.

There are a number of core words and phrases that are proven to elicit the right response from the reader and your aim should be to try and use these so-called power words in your descriptive prose.

Think about SEO

The majority of new customers will tend to use a search engine and then pick their way through the results to see which site appeals.

Make sure you write descriptions that are fully optimized for search engines.

Think like a customer

Try to put yourself in the mindset of a customer when you are writing a product description and read what you have written to see if it compels you to find out more information on the product being described.

What’s in it for me

The marketplace is crowded and competitive and that is why you need to write something that helps you stand out from the crowd.

A consistent way to achieve that way is to focus on delivering value propositions.

Tell them how your product will enhance their lives.

Work on sensory appeal

In much the same way that we tend to buy food with our eyes, it often works to use descriptive terms that are designed to appeal to the senses.

If you can build a picture in their mind with the words you use it will appeal to their senses and that could trigger the right response to your product description.

You only get a few seconds to make a lasting impression and that is why your few words of product description have to really count.

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