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Talented Designers in Technology

by Maya Johnson

Talented Designers in Technology

When it comes to creating a product for the public, the main thing people tend to focus on is the engineering of the machine or product. But the design of it is important as well. Without the design of the product, it won’t be a hit with the public.

Business insider posted a list last month of nominations for “the most talented designers in the tech industry.” This article however, will look at the top three women who made the list of the 75 best designers in tech.

No. 75: Alison Lewis

CEO/Creative Director of Agent of Presence, she is not only a designer, but also a fashion technologist who brings high-tech innovation and design to clothing. She was named one of Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology. Lewis also published a book called Switch Craft.

No. 57: Vivian Wang

She is a Product Designer for Facebook. She recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University School of Design. According to Business Insider, Wang is responsible for Facebook’s latest design, featuring changing the typeface to Helvetica.

No. 52: Lee Cerre

A Graphic Designer for Everlane, Lee’s personal work exhibits skills in print and web mastery in both editorial and artistic capacities. The person who nominated Lee to Business Inquirer admitted that she was chosen because of her work in graphic design. There is a lot of consideration in the design process of Everlane’s website. It is just as important that their online presence stands out just as much as their products.

A company’s product is nothing if the design of the website or product itself is not eye-catching or spectacular.

To see the full list of talented designers, check out BusinessInsider.

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