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Food + Technology = A Taste of Technology Event Series

by Anie Akpe

Food + Technology = A Taste of Technology Event Series
Ibroadcast imageiBroadCast Enterprises in Atlanta, Georgia presents, A Taste Of Technology Event Series.  A Tech Networking event for everyday people with a taste for delicious cuisines prepared by top chefs in Atlanta.

A Taste of Technology Event will feature presentations from all aspects of technology which includes but not limited to healthcare apps, robotics, STEM education, devices, social media, mobile and tech gadgets. This bi-monthly event will allow people that have technology platforms and programs to come into a social atmosphere and engage people about their technology products, ideas and inventions.

Stephen Brown, CEO/Lead Editor of Digital Afro, an online Tech Magazine will kick off this event with a special presentation. According to Cairo Qween Founder of iBroadCast Enterprises, “When we’re growing up our families gather around the table to eat together and share the events of the day or talk on great and amazing things. The statement goes, you are what you eat, so all of that being said why not talk about technology, eat excellent food and network with like-minded people. This event will allow the tech community to get together and discuss technology while enjoying meals from various restaurants prepared by some of Atlanta’s top chefs. So come fill your stomach and feed your mind at the same time”.

A Taste of Technology brings together innovators, geeks and tech enthusist together to network, eat, exchange ideas plus share information. The first event series kicks off on Sunday, February 16th from 4:30pm to 8:00pm, at one of Atlanta’s premiere restaurant called Lunacy Black Market.

Sponsors of this event includes Southern Barter Club , Major Mindz Media, Voltron Productions and E37 Photography. For more information on “A Taste of Technology Event Series” click here. Also don’t forget to follow and get updates on tech events happening at iBroadCast Enterprises.

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