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Tattle The Mobile Customer Comment Card App

Tattle The Mobile Customer Comment Card App

Tattle is the mobile app customer comment card — the feedback solution for the 21st century.  Tattle leverages the most important form of communication, the ability for owners to engage directly with their customers. Tattle improves customer relationships and retention thereby creating better businesses.

How does Tattle do all this? By Simply incentivizing customers to give their feedback about the overall experience. The customer completes a quick 5-10 question survey, on their smartphone and then receive rewards that they can redeem upon their next visit. Whether it be a free appetizer or a dessert, these rewards build loyalty in customers and allow the owner to get feedback in real time. In addition, Tattle offers the following:

1) Tattle drives 25X more feedback than Yelp and 20X more feedback than customer comment cards

2) Tattle tracks repeat purchases

3) Tattle empowers local businesses to take back their digital reputation

By utilizing this system, Tattle users can then track everything from the frequency of a customer’s visits to the customer’s opinions on food, service, atmosphere, and other operational priorities of the business.

Essentially, Tattle wants to put merchants back in the driver seat by collecting actionable data to make smarter business decisions. Learn more on Tattle by visiting their website, click here. Tattle The Mobile Customer Comment Card App

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