Taxi hailing service Little goes Big with new Customer Choices Offerings

Taxi hailing service Little goes Big with new Customer Choices Offerings

Little might be the name of the Safaricom-powered taxi hailing service from Kenya, but Big is the new offerings it is giving to its customers.

Over the past few days, Little has been taunting customers with half-reveals, almost in a seductive manner, slowly luring people’s interest in what new products it says it is soon launching in the market.

It has finally stopped with the tease, and unveiled new category of rides commuters can choose from. Little now offers four new different categories or rides to choose from; basic, comfort, lady bug and a surprise special for the ladies.

The move is said to ensure Little have more cars on the roads to meet commuters different and changing tastes, preference, fashion, needs (well, I could go on … and … on).

Little made its debut in the taxi hailing business in July, giving industry heavyweight Uber, a fierce run for its money. So much so, that Uber had to wage a price war against Uber, much to the dislike of driver on Uber’s payroll. A move that saw Uber driver down their tools and take up placard to picket about the slashed fare prices; it means they are now taking home less than they used to, for the same amount of work done.

This latest move by Little is bound to illicit and counteraction from Uber, and like the old saying goes, ‘when two bulls fight, it’s only the grass that gets hurt’. May be not the best analogy, as the two bulls [Little v/s Uber] fight are to the pleasure of the grass [commuters], but you get the point.

It is also not worthing Little can now work even on feature phones, or smartphones when you have no internet access. Through Safaricom’s USSD codes, users can hail a taxi from their feature phone or smartphones without the internet.

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