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Taxify launches Driver Destination feature to enable drivers get home economically

by Milicent Atieno
taxify south africa Driver Destination


Taxify has launched a new feature for drivers in South Africa that will see them pick up commuters coming from the route from their homes in the morning, and towards their home during the evening. That is not to imply taxi drivers work from morning to evening; it could be from the middle of the night to the middle of the day or whichever combination.

The new Driver Destination feature will enable them to pick up commuters heading the same way as them. Taxify believes this new feature will help the drivers save on fuel and time while maximizing on their profits.

Driver Destination can only be set two times per day. That means each driver must pick the time most appropriate with them; it could be a trip from their home to their desired place to wait on customers (high-demand areas) and then the trip back home. Though in reality, it could be in whichever combination, the drive must put in mind; they can only use the feature twice per day.

We really care about the drivers’ experience and are working hard to promote them with features that help them work in the most cost-efficient way possible,” said Gareth Taylor, the Taxify country manager for SA.

The launch of Drive Destination comes after a number of other earlier initiatives by Taxify aimed at improving drive experience behind the wheel. These initiatives include adjusting driver rates in line with the recent increase in petrol prices. Taxify South Africa has also partnered with Namola to offer reassurance of support in case a crime happens.

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