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Top-of-the-Year Clutter: 4 Steps to Organize Your Tech Life

by TheBossMoves

Top-of-the-Year Clutter: 4 Steps to Organize Your Tech Life

TangledCablesIt’s never good to start a new year with confusion, frustration, clutter and disorganization. And when it comes to technology—which is supposed to help make your daily life easier, not harder—the first few weeks of the year are a great time to get organized and declutter. Here are 5 steps that can get you started.

1. Social Media Platforms: Are you really utilizing them? If you are using the platforms you’re on, are there better ways to leverage your use?Determine what social media sites you and/or your business are on, why you’re on them and what purpose you seek to get out of them, even if they’re for leisure or fun. Time is valuable, and you don’t want to be wasting it if you don’t have to.

Get rid of those accounts you don’t use or where your customers/clients aren’t attracted to. If you’re underutilizing some platforms, find ways to optimize your use by setting up automatic updates, using resources like Hootsuite, looking into SEO strategy or taking at least an extra 15 minutes per day, that you can break up into 5-minute intervals, to add updates and give your brand a true voice, promote yourself or your product or engage with your followers.

2. Cellphone and wireless: Are you getting the most out of your cellphone and wireless packages? Are you even using the allotted minutes or services that are part of what you pay for every month? Determine whether you can adjust or even cut digital activities or services that you either don’t use or don’t need. Rethink your goals for data usage and spending. It’ll definitely help you come budget or tax time, and you can redirect those funds and that energy toward other areas of your life or business.

3. Rouge cords/Old equipment: Who doesn’t have a bunch of random chords or unused cellphones and digital equipment? Why not get rid of the clutter and get organized. Find recyclable containers to organize your cords or try savvy cord organizers that are both practical and chic.

You can recycle old equipment with cellphone carriers and manufactures, as well as donate them. Remember to clear all info from the phone or computer’s hard drive, and only donate to programs that follow EPA standards (if donating in the U.S.) or the Environmental Agency (if in the U.K). Be careful about recycling electronics with questionable companies or organizations. Electronic waste is a major environmental issue in locales including Africa and Asia. If you live on those continents, it might be a better idea to donate or sell your old equipment to family, friends, or charity.

4. Antivirus & Security: Don’t ignore those update requests. Security for your computer save you time in annoyance and can save you money as well. (Who wants to re-invest in a new computer after a virus has taken over or have to spend hours on the phone explaining fraudulent charges on a credit or debit card?)  If you don’t have antivirus software on your devices (even a cellphone can be hit by a virus or security risk), explore your options. Also, look into your passwords. It might be a good idea to change them at least every 2 years. Rather be safe than sorry.

5. Upgrade and innovation: Some of us love to hold on to routines and patterns when it comes to technology. But if you want to progress and be an innovator, it’s a good idea to at least look into the latest technology that can enhance your daily life or your business prospects. And definitely get rid of those phones with the cracked screens or missing keys, or that DVD player from 1999. It may still work, but why not have something that you actually don’t have bang on, stand upside down or blow on to work? Also, when viewing screens that are out of date can affect eye health as well as cause other longterm problems with your health and peace of mind. Replace that old TV or computer monitor. Based on your lifestyle and needs, look into investing in the best and in quality. It actually saves you money and headache in the long run. It’s a new year. You, your business and your family deserve it .





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