Tech Conferences You Must Attend in 2015

Tech Conferences You Must Attend in 2015

2015 is expected to be a golden year for tech industry with a number of devices and software ready for getting launched. Internet of Things will be quite prominent this year. Other areas of major breakthroughs will be mobile marketing, targeted ads, big data analysis and the increase of broadband internet access. Consider the following best occasions to discover the tech jewels this year.

Developer Week San Francisco California February 6-12

This is by far the San Francisco’s largest tech series. The conference highlights new dev technologies, while giving chance to attendees to collaborate with workshops. There will be several networking opportunities also. You can explore plenty of innovative and unique tech ideas in this event.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2-5 March

This conference carries significant importance in the tech industry. Last year, it received a lot of limelight due to controversial acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook. The conference will contain almost 2000 exhibitors, keynotes, planned workshops, and panel discussions. Innovations and achievements in mobile space will be discussed.

Tech Crunch Disrupt New York May 4-6

These events are quite renowned for promotion startups and disruptive founders. You should definitely expect this from a leading source of startup and Tech news. You should expect some great names to make themselves available for fireside chats. Media interviews, workshops, and expect a little controversy also.

The immersive 3-day conference is all about disruption and also creative destruction. There will be plenty of opportunities to showcase your own disruptive marketing skills.

London Technology Week 15-21 June

The London Technology week comes for the second time after enjoying huge success last year. It took place all over the London, from historical Somerset House, to Google Campus in East London’s “Silicon Roundabout”.  Around 40,000 people from over 40 countries attended the event over 203 events.

You can enjoy the week in two ways: either with an open mind, a travel card, and a positive approach towards taking part in conversations with strangers and attendees, or you can take part in targeted approach by restricting your activities to one or two events that are relevant to your business goals.

Dublin Web Summit 4-6 November

The three day event captured the attention of 22,000 attendees from 109 countries in 2014. The founder Paddy Cosgrave aims to bring together the innovative new startups, investors, and giant industry players to explore ways of working together on a huge range of projects.

Dublin faces big challenges during 2015. It will be crucial to maintain the buzz around this unique event. Although, it is occurring near the end of the year, yet it will give attendees the chance to explore technology in depth.


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