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Tech Cypha, a newly launched Investment syndicate by T.I and partners

by Milicent Atieno
tech cypha t.i

Clifford Joseph, or as popularly known by his stage name T.I together with his longtime partner Jason Geter have launched a new investment syndicate, Tech Cypha.

Tech Cypha is going to be an investment vehicle looking for promising early, growth, and late-stage startups to invest capital in, assist with marketing, and give branding directions. All through informed mentorship programs and partnerships that will include using influencers in various fields.

The Tech Cypha is really about a group of individuals and companies who have joined forces to help startups grow and reach their full potentials. Other than T.I and Geter, the syndicate also includes Lil Duval, Killer Mike, Tamika ‘Tiny’ Harris, Tai Green, Korey Roberson, Stephanie Shriley, Brandon Lewis Jr., and BJ Kerr among others.

Members of this syndicate or group are going to pool together their individual resources and invest in a promising tech company. But not just any tech company; one that is culturally created, driven, and relevant to the members of the Tech Cypha.

Already, Tech Cypha has some few startups under its wings include Culture Genesis. A digital studio operating out of Santa Monica, California and created the live game show app Trivia Mob already in the market. Just like Tech Cypha, Culture Genesis is inclined towards producing technology for and by the multicultural audiences.

It is a known fact that a multicultural audience is growing in numbers, and they are increasingly turning to their smart mobile devices for information and entertainment. Tech Cypha is partnering with Culture Genesis to ensure they will be at the right place at the right time to serve this multicultural audience with both informational and entertainment content they desire.

People love seeing content they can easily identify with, and for long, people of color have not had the privilege to be served just that. It has also been established that people learn more effectively (with up to 50% retention rate) when served with multimedia content they easily identify with, and Culture Genesis is positioning itself as a producer of such content.

Tech Cypha has also invested in Airbnb and also has plans to invest in more tech companies that fit their cultural angle.

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