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Tech Gadgets to add to your Christmas Shopping List

by Felix Omondi

Christmas is next Monday, time to connect and reconnect with your family and friends. It is also a time when people expect Christmas gifts. Though, there are those who are more on the ‘expecting’ part than on the ‘giving’ part.

Be that as it may, the following are the best six gadgets hot right now, you can get that person you know is into gadgetries.

Sony Xperia Touch

A project that turns any surface into a touchscreen display. It relies on a combination of infrared light and in-built camera to detect and interpret the user motions at a speed of 60 fps. It has a resolution of 1366×768, and the smallest projection it can have is 80-inches.Christmas Shopping List

HP Sprocket

A wireless and portable printer that can fit right inside your handbag. You can take it out to the park for a picnic and shot some great selfies on your phones and have it printed out, right there and then. When it runs out of juice, you can simply plug it in using a Micro USB cable and pairs to your phone and other electronic devices via Bluetooth. To use this small portable printer, you will need the Zink/HP photo papers which comes in 20 sheets per box.Christmas Shopping List

Tile Tracker

Do you have that one person who is always losing things because they keep forgetting them? Perhaps is their keys, wallet, handbag, smartphone or any other small portable object. The Tile Tracker is the appropriate gift for such individuals.Christmas Shopping List

It comes with a Bluetooth tracker that is paired with the Tile app and will give you a notification when you move out of range of the paired Tile. Letting you know, you have left something behind before you get too far.

Fitbit Ionic

There are many people whose New Year resolution will be to live a healthier and more fit. Fitbit gears go a long way in helping some track their fitness and workout progress. The gadget goes further to provide a dynamic personal coaching to the user. The gadget track one’s heart rate has GPS is waterproof so you can track your swimming pool aerobics, and has enough battery to go for two days.Christmas Shopping List

Xbox One X

If you are thinking for the perfect give for the ‘couch potatoes,’ Microsoft current flagship gaming console will be the best treat. It makes for a powerful gaming experience and will be landing across stores this Christmas.Christmas Shopping List

PlayStation 4 Pro

When it comes to the gaming consoles, you are either an Xbox-person or a PS-person. Sometimes these people get so religious that they can’t fathom switching sides. So if the ‘couch potato’ is a Sony PlayStation fan, then PS4 Pro will be their best treat. It is just as powerful as the Xbox One X, but this is debatable depending on where the gamer inclines too much towards.Christmas Shopping List

If you are shopping for someone who loves gadgetries, the above six items would be a good Christmas gifts for your 2017 Christmas shopping list.

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