Tech Sahara and Nailab presents Akosua Dadaine Edwards

Tech Sahara and Nailab presents Akosua Dadaine Edwards

The FailUp event hosted by Nailab and Techsahara will have Akosua Dadaine Edwards as a guest speaker next Wednesday. Akosua , who is  from Trinidad and Tobago is the founder of ‘enabling enterprise project’ and is also a world renowned author.

The main focus of the event will be failure and how entrepreneurs can overcome failure. “Failure is not the end of the world, it is the start of something new and part of moving onward, upward and forward,” she said.

FailUp is an event started under the Nailab/Techsahara flagship to form a mentorship channel for young entrepreneurs who are facing diverse challenges in trying to understand the value of resilience and a strong base in growing an enterprise.

The concept came up as result of the high fail rate experienced by young entrepreneurs who lack the patience to grow enterprises and who think that certain challenges or pitfalls are exclusive to their businesses.

The make up of guests is usually early stage to SME businessmen and women who are looking for inspiration/ challenge on how to maneuver between their current systems and processes to be able to get a breakthrough in business.

So far, 6 events have been held since January and have hosted Boniface Githinji of Sematime, Heshan De Silva of De Silva group, George Wachiuri of Optiven, Eric Kinoti of Shade systems, Paul Nunda (Juacali) of Calif record and most recently Peter Nduati of Resolution group.

The speakers concentrate on their journey as an entrepreneur, more so the pitfalls and challenges and near failures they have encountered in growing their businesses. From external influences to internal e.g putting together the right team, financial challenges, co-founder challenges and even registration of the business.

Akosua concludes by stating that There is always something valuable that comes with the lesson that failure  gives you, Pay attention!

The events tickets will only go for 300 Kshs at Kaymu.

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