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Tech Writing vs. Business Writing


While it is self-evident that every job requires writing skills, it’s essential to differentiate between the ability to write a technical document, and the ability to write a business document.

Especially in high-tech industries, having business writing skills is not enough to be accepted to work on a certain position. As a result, when people with business writing skills apply for a job, they may need to get help from an essay writing service to compensate for their skill deficiency.

In this article, we’re going to clarify the differences between technical and business writing, so that you’ll understand why it is essential to learn both.


Business writing is a means of communication throughout a company which helps the workers to perform their job effectively. It includes any type of document that is needed in an organization, such as emails, business letters, proposals, minutes, and tenders. To be recruited, every potential employee should know how to be friends with business writing.

Unlike the first type of writing, technical one is a more detailed writing that provides specific, instructional, and sometimes scientific information about a particular subject matter. User manuals, quick-start guides, datasheets, research papers, field reports, and release notes are great examples of technical writing.

However, sometimes the definitions of business writing and technical writing overlap since many office reports cover technical statements as well. When this situation comes up, some staff members start looking for service essays, imploring, “Can you write my essay, please?”


The audience of technical writing can be divided into two groups. The first division refers to a general audience who wish to learn about a specific topic, or aspire to access a type of instruction for using a particular instrument. Product manuals, software user guides, and educational material for non-prescription drugs are examples of technical writings produced for this kind of audience.

Sometimes, technical writing aims to offer documentation for professionals with a similar background who want to dig deeper into a particular issue. Therefore, this group of the audience usually refers to the developers of a specific product, rather than its end-users.

Business writing, on the other hand, covers a much broader domain. While these audiences (including administers) have basic knowledge of the field, their purpose is to learn about more general aspects of the topic.

The audience of office documentations can be external or internal. Memos, presentations, company policies, and performance reviews are written for internal users, while proposals, white papers, annual reports, and sales letters are composed for external users.

Tone and Language

The objectives and target readers of business writing can affect its tone. For example, you may use a persuasive tone for marketing documents, a formal language for memos, and a conversational style for writing letters.

On the contrary, the language of technical writing doesn’t change according to its intended audience. Because the only goal here is to clearly deliver a message so that the readers will be able to carry out a task, fix a problem, or understand a concept.

When writing for professionals, you can also use jargon, because they are well aware of technical terms and have common background knowledge. However, when writing for non-experts (such as end-users), including too much jargon is not a good idea. Instead, you should avoid technical terms or at least explain them.

If you don’t have adequate knowledge to cover technical term explanations, it’s also recommended to buy an essay writing service.

Bottom Line

While it’s confusing for many, technical writing skills shouldn’t be confused with business writing skills. No matter what your job entails, if you fail to improve both your technical and business writing abilities, there would be a time when you’ll ask, “where can I type my essay?” or “Who can help write my essay today?”And then, a reliable writing agency will come into play to provide you with quality material.

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