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Technologies That Make Fast eCommerce Shipping Possible


New technology has always proven that things that are beyond imagination can always be done. That is what perhaps new technology is doing to make one-day shipping possible. Big eCommerce companies like Amazon are implementing high-tech to ensure one-day shipping to its primers. Here is a list of the technologies available that make one-day shipping a reality. 

1. Drones

When the drone was first created, there were murmurs that it is going to change the way couriers or business companies function and this has proven to be true. However, the only limitation of using drones is that all countries have different strict laws for its functioning. Domino’s has thankfully completed pizza delivery with drones and Amazon is also working with drones to make the shipping process more automated. 

2. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) 

These RIFs tags are attached to couriers to track their location. It is widely used by many companies to keep a track of their products for safety measures. The best part of RIFs is that it allows the user to monitor the product live and track with time-stamps. Many courier companies like eKart allow the user to track their parcel. However, with RFID, real-time tracking becomes possible. 

3. Robot Warehouses

The robots used in the warehouses of Amazon are doing a remarkable job. The robot not only helps to fasten the process of sorting and picking things in warehouses but also removes a huge burden of manual work from the labor too. For working with a robot in a warehouse, the entire warehouse is monitored through software which of course, comprises a huge database. The robots are then fed with their task to go around the warehouse and complete the task assigned to them. 

4. Pre-Shipping Items With Computer-Driven Logistics

Software and technology have become so advanced that it can accurately predict the purchase habits of a Custer based on their previous purchases, browsing activities, and even the movement of the house. This prediction allows large companies to pre-ship the items to a warehouse that is located nearest to the customer to reduce the shipping duration. Amazon has patented this software. Many companies like Amazon are now converting their inventory into data. 

5. Autonomous Vehicles 

Autonomous vehicles when it becomes cheaper will make traditional mail services like Shree Tirupati more efficient to carry out last-mile deliveries. Autonomous vehicles can help courier companies with both long-distance and short-range couriers. Currently, Amazon is using bike messengers to experiment with this. Once autonomous vehicles become cheaper, you might see many companies using them for fulfilling their shipping requirements. 

6. Platooning 

Chances are that even if you do not know the meaning of platooning, you have heart about it. Platooning refers to a driving pattern of the freight trucks where the trucks follow each other very close to using aerodynamics to their advantage. Even though an actual driver is present in these vehicles, the speed and distance are automated. 

7. Last-Mile Deliveries

The last mile deliveries are the most expensive step of the shipping journey. For ensuring a satisfactory last-mile delivery, having a large network of local couriers is important. The last-mile deliveries are completed when the parcel receives the end warehouse and the product is then picked up by a delivery person and the items go out for delivery. Having good local networks proves very handy to ensure the smoothness of the delivery. 

The Road Ahead 

High-speed parcels are gaining limelight day by day. Amazon Prime has created a situation where the customers can expect one-day delivery and therefore, they won’t be expecting less. As a result, many other eCommerce and courier companies are trying to increase the efficiency of their shipment process to meet this demand. Fulfilling this demand without using any technology is nearly impossible. Many companies are using high-tech technology to complete the shipment within two days and many more experiments are being carried out with upcoming technology too. With ideas like airborne fulfillment centers by Walmart and Amazon, the courier landscape will change drastically. The airborne fulfillment center is like an air-borne warehouse that is loaded with items to increase the delivery speed of the product by reducing the distance between the warehouse and customers. Manual or automated, fast shipping will always be about efficiency and good networking.

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