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Telkom Kenya shades off the Orange identity for Blue and Yellow colors

by Milicent Atieno
telkom kenya

It is now official; Orange is no longer operational in Kenya. The French telecom has pulled out its last signs of operations in Kenya as Helios moves in to mark its new territory in the country.

telkom kenyaThe former Orange telecom, jointly owned by the government of Kenya and the French Orange telecom (the French company holding majority stake) is set to undergo re-branding. The telecom’s name is now Telkom, as the French telecom sold its majority stake to Helios last year.

Orange cited unfair competition in the local telecommunication scene saying the dominant Safaricom is making it virtually impossible for others players to operate. Aldo Mareuse, the Telkom CEO said the new company is now ready to apply all efforts to become a player to reckon with in the telecommunication sector in Kenya.

It’s fair to say Telkom Kenya has not received its full potential,” said Mareuse.

He further explains that the telecom will be investing further to expand its network infrastructure. As it shades off the Orange brand name together with the Orange corporate color for a more blue and yellow colors as Telkom. The telecom has also deployed 4G LTE across nine towns in Kenya, including Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.telkom kenya

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