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The Ten Things iPhone users can’t do that Samsung Galaxy S8 can

by Felix Omondi
samsung galaxy s8

In this head-to-head comparison, we’re not going to take just any iPhone to pit against the Galaxy S8. No! We will take Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone 7 versus Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S8. Let’s dive right in.

Iris Scanner that can unlock your phone and access secured folders: Galaxy S8 can be unlocked using an iris scanner. You can also open secured folders using the iris scanner.

Bigger screen. The Galaxy S8 comes with the 8-inch screen while the Galaxy S8+ comes with a 6.2-inch screen.

Wireless charging and faster charging: Galaxy S8 can be charged wireless on the charging pad. The Galaxy S8 has a fast charge mode, making charging the smartphone far more quickly.

Standard headphone jack: Apple made an infamous move of doing away with the headphone jack, for wireless ones. To connect a standard headphone to your iPhone 7, you need an additional dongle to connect. With S8, you have the standard headphone ready to go.

S8 comes with Samsung Pay, which allows you to make payments on any standard magnetic credit card readers.

Galaxy S8 has its own VR software powered by Facebook’s Oculus.

Galaxy S8 comes with heart rate sensor fitted at the back.

You can turn your Galaxy S8 into a desktop computer by connecting it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse using a special Samsung fitted the S8 with a desktop version of the mobile operating system when connected to an ordinary monitor.

The Galaxy S8 display is more power-efficient and has better colors.

Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby allows you to take pictures of objects in the real-world and it brings up relevant information about them such as shopping links and nearby locations you can visit.

Then again, the decision on whether to get the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 may depend on if you prefer Android to iOS or the other way round. There people who buy the brand, the Apple brand, and would not consider the status that comes with it.

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