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Tesla turns on world’s biggest Lithium Ion battery after Musk wins on a bet

by Felix Omondi
tesla elon must lithium-ion battery

Tesla has flipped the switch on the world’s biggest lithium ion battery.

This development comes after Elon Musk wins a bet that he could build a huge battery in South Australia in just 100 days. If it were to go past the 100 days, he will foot the bill himself. This gigantic battery all started from a light brag by Tesla, and a Twitter banter back in March. Musk too the wisecrack way too far and said if he does not deliver the world’s biggest lithium-ion in 100 days, he will pay for the full cost of its installation. Yes, Musk would have paid $50 million had he not delivered the said battery in 100 days.

Though there are rumors the drama on Twitter was just a publicity stunt, and that Tesla had already began work on the project. Some rumors indicate that they could have been already half-way through at the time Musk was making this big promise. Remember, these are just rumors!

The Tesla Powerpack system with a capacity of 100 megawatts was finished on Nov. 23rd and underwent inspection for conformity and security. Today, Tesla and the South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill were joined by other stakeholders including French renewable energy firm Neoen, and the Adelaide engineering firm Consolidate Power Projects to officially flip on the switch to the world’s biggest lithium ion battery.tesla elon must lithium-ion battery

ABC reports that technically, the giant lithium ion battery was turned on yesterday (Thurs. Nov 30) because of an extreme weather forecast for the state. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology the state weather forecast showed there was going to be record rainfalls accompanied by thunderstorms and damaging winds, over the next couple of day.

Barely 24 hours after its switch on, the Tesla battery is said to have so far dispatched a maximum of 59 megawatts of power. From the looks of things, Musk and Tesla have broken another world record with their gigantic li-io battery.

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