Tesla’s larger than life Li-Ion battery in South Australia makes another world record

tesla elon musk south australia battery

Elon Musk, not known to be the subtle kind who passes up the opportunity to make headlines, has more reasons to smile as the Tesla-made Lithium-Ion battery installed in South Australia makes another world record.

The Li-Ion battery recently broke the world record for having the capacity of 100 megawatts capacity, which is reported to be more than three times bigger than the next biggest battery. A world record in by itself, in addition to the fact Tesla installed it at a world breaking record time.

Musk boasted on Twitter that if Tesla could install the 100 megawatts battery in South Australia under just 100 days. Failure to which, he will foot the $50 million bill by himself. Tesla beat its own (Elon Musk set) record, with over a week to spare.

Now up and running for about a week, the Tesla-made battery has broken yet another world record. Last week, the battery, which was installed as a power backup plan in the event of a blackout, bounced into action after just 140 milliseconds after a power plant in the neighboring Victoria state failed.

Ordinarily, such failures by power plant would result in communities relying on it for power supply to make do with power blackout for about half an hour to an hour before the backup power kicks in. However, the Tesla-battery, the backup power sprang into action in just 140 milliseconds.

The Tesla-made battery fed its stored energy into the national power grid so fast, that residence could not feel the impact of the power-plant failure.

That’s a record, and the national operators were shocked at how quickly and efficiently the battery was able to deliver this type of energy into the market,” said South Australia Energy Minister, Tom Koutsantonis.

He was particularly impressed at just how fast the battery kicked into action, saying it was faster than any alternative power backup plans out there across the world. He further stated that usually when a power station fails, it “would take half an hour to an hour to energize and synchronize into the market, the battery can do it in milliseconds.”

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