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Text Engine Lets You Surf Web Without Internet Connection or Smartphone

by Fahad Saleem

Do you know that more than 4.4 billion people around the world are still offline, that is, they don’t have access to the internet. Imagine having no internet, no smartphone and no connection in the vibrant world of connectivity and web which is seething with information, news, updates, entertainment and whatnot. This is where Text Engine comes in, an SMS based web browsing service which lets its users get updates from the internet without internet connection.

So let’ say you don’t have an internet connection, neither do you own a smartphone. All you have to do is to signup on Text Engine service, send an SMS from your dumb phone by specifying the exact query, and you will get the required results on your mobile phone instantly.

This innovative idea was propounded and executed by Eric Bryant, who is now the cofounder of Text Engine. He believes in devolution of technology, and wants to use the existing and available technology for the betterment of billions of people around the world. Text Engine is all about facilitating people to use the technology is the most cost-effective, easiest ways.

Text Engine also offers on-demand service, in which the SMS query is responded by a human. So you can add a text snippet #human or #ondemand to use the on-demand service of Text Engine. Your on-demand query will be searched and answered within seconds by a human who would do the web search for you.

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You can get weather forecasts, flight status, sports scores using Text Engine without the internet. You can surf Wikipedia, Yellow pages directories and more using this amazing service.

The service parsed the SMS and returns the results by parsing the required areas of the web. For example, if you want news about a certain event, type “News” followed the specific query. For example, if I want to read the news about the US election, I would write News US elections, and related results would be messaged back to me by Text Engine.


Text Engine has two versions, one comes for free and the other one (ad-free) costs $2 a month.

Text Engine plans to start licensing its program API for the developers in order to let users around the globe to use the SMS based internet surfing services. The startup has a huge potential.

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