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Texting Girls – 4 Guidelines to Adhere to


Men have suffered a great deal when communicating with ladies. Mostly, the struggle is in when to say what and when to be quiet. For many dudes, there is an inclination to say more than necessary. Men seem to have more to prove than ladies ever will. This urge to prove worthiness should be translated to actions rather than speech. With that being said, ladies prefer men who say less and do more and this stands true worldwide.

Articulation versus Action

Speaking your mind can never be deemed useless until it becomes useless. In relationships, it is wise to state how you feel. When hoping for a relationship it is well-advised to say less and focus on quality. Talking about where you’d like to be in the future is great if it includes her. However, speaking too much about oneself is always a hindrance.

While communicating via text messages there are pointers to guide you in the right direction. Social media and basic texting allow us the comforts of time. You can take your time and respond accordingly without the rush of face-to-face encounters. Here are a few suggestions on better texting to get the girl you’ve always wanted.

1. Timeliness

Focus on specific times to send messages and avoid late-night communication. Sending morning messages to sexy Ukrainian women is better than late-night creepy texting. She will appreciate the gesture as you ask her about her morning. Learn her most precious times to be alone.

If she meditates early in the morning, avoid badgering her with messages. It is important to communicate when someone has enough time to respond. If she works, those hours should remain for cute flirty texts and not inquisitive ones. Ladies prefer to have time to think about responses, so let her have it.

2. Controversy

Avoid controversial topics at all costs. Bringing up religion or politics in chats is a no-no and will get you blocked. Stick to funny and witty comments and posts. You can send memes if need be as this help with breaking the ice. Humor is always welcome when texting girls. Simply send what you find witty and wait for responses. It is also a key strategy for learning about her sense of humor. If she hates dark humor, you will know instantly.

3. Nudes

Avoid nudes at all costs too and never send unsolicited naughty visuals. These must come after constant pleading from her. She might never tell you to send such, in which case you shouldn’t. Incidentally, don’t ask for her nudes either. If she wants to send them she will at her own pace and time. In a nutshell, you should avoid naughty pictures and wait for a physical meetup. Maybe she wants to showcase her body live.

4. Persistence

This is perfect when dealing with business or pursuing a career, but constantly sending messages is annoying. If she doesn’t respond to a message she is likely busy. Alternatively, she could be thinking of the perfect response. Nothing is worse than being narcissistic in texts. It shows arrogance and happens to be a deal-breaker. Once she notices these tendencies she will undoubtedly stop responding and might block you indefinitely.

Bottom Line

Chatting online offers a few preset messages that help you avoid saying the unnecessary. While using dating apps, members can send unlimited messages to several folks at once. These unlimited texts should be spread out and not used on one person insistently. It shows desperation and reeks of narcissistic traits. Find the right girl and stick to quality over quantity. It is better to seem shy or naïve than arrogant. 

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