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Thanks to iPhone X launch, the new Animoji Karaoke is the new craze on Social Media

by Milicent Atieno

Seen a pig singing on your timeline lately? How about a talking pile of poo? Maybe you’ve seen a chicken talking, or a fox howling then break out into laughter! If you are lost about these new emoji, well, they are the product of Apple’s recently launched iPhone X.

Well, to be precise, they are the product of iPhone X’s TrueDepth Camera system. The camera allows you to create a custom animated character that tracks your facial movement and expression and records your voice. As you open and close your mouth, and move your head, the emoji mimics those moves, as the phone’s microphone records your real voice.

The emoji is merely an animated avatar with your voice. Ever since its launch with the launch of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. People have come up with innovative ways to create karaoke recording of these emoji; now dubbed animoji karaoke.

How Animoji Karaoke works

While the messages app allows you to create you Animoji recordings of up to 10 seconds long. People have decided to get innovative with the new iOS 11 screen recording feature to create lengthier video clips and make Animoji Karaoke videos.

Simply open the Animoji app, and play background music loud enough for your iPhone X microphone to get a good recording. Then lip-sync to the song playing, while the animoji mimics your facial expression and mouth movements. Remember to start screen recording on iOS 11 and save it as video, which you can later share with your friends on social media, emails, and other platforms.

You have a wide selection of animoji to choose from, ranging from a pig, fox, chicken, a pile of poo, and unicorn among others. Below are example of videos created by (probably power) users who went as far as combining multiple Animoji clips then editing it to make awesome post-production effects.

Check out the videos below by power users creating their animoji karaoke.

Though it might be a temporary craze currently trending on the internet, you might want to get on it while it last, before a new thing becomes the thing.

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