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Best Android Calculator Apps for number crunching on your phone

by Felix Omondi
The 10 Best Android Calculator Apps for number crunching on your phone

10+78=88 no biggie, but when you start working in your brain a list of basic calculations (like when pushing your cart through the supermarket) you could easily get the Math wrong. Put in there some brackets; some calculations raised to some power, division, and multiplication. Men, you going to need a calculator! And an Android calculator app makes more sense than carrying around a calculator with you; people actually did that in the past.

All phones have a built-in calculator, even the feature phones. So chances are slim you will actually be needing to download one on your smartphone. However, the built-in calculator in smartphones may not have some functions needed by advanced users. The type of functions you typically found in scientific calculator. Innov8tiv has sampled the following, which are among the best Android calculator apps you can download today:

Andie Graph [Free]: This is a calculator emulator that allows you to run scientific calculators. It focuses on the TI Thus, you can emulate the popular TI-82, 83, 83+, 85, and 86 versions.The 10 Best Android Calculator Apps for number crunching on your phone

Google Calculator [Free]: This one comes preinstalled on your Android phone. Although it is not the best of its class, it is more than enough for your typical day needs for a calculator. It also has a Material Design that agrees well with your phone’s general interface.

Droid48 [Free]: This calculator might need a bit of extra effort on your part to have it serve you efficiently. You might need to know how to operate it at this free tutorial available here.The 10 Best Android Calculator Apps for number crunching on your phone

Financial Calculator [Free]: Like the name suggest, this is a serious app for one looking to do some serious number crunching on financial statements and positions. It comes with multiple modes for quick and easy computation of calculations like your 401k student loan repayments, and mortgage interest among others. There have been reports of some bugs here and there, but largely most functions work smooth.

MyScript Calculator [Free]: Now this is a unique one, a calculator that instead of tapping in the data, you scribble like you writing down numbers and formulas. It gives you a natural feel to solving math problems on a piece of paper, but your task is only to write down the numbers. The calculations it does all by itself.

The above are the freemium Android calculators you can download now. However, if you are looking for extra features, then the premium Android calculators might be the thing for you. Below are more calculator apps I have sampled so far, and they have some of the best ratings and reviews:

The Handyman Calculator [$4.99]: This calculator is for the handymen, and by that, I mean the men and women working in construction, carpentry, and all those hands-on types of crafty works. It comes with multiple modes, including one that will help you figure out the angles, unit and electrical conversions among other builder’s measurements interest. It also has a fraction calculator baked in, as icing on the cake. Though I must admit the developer got some work to do on the GUI department.

HiPER Scientific Calculator [$2.49]: Folks within the educational realm will find this calculator app even more valuable. It comes with not just the basic scientific calculator functions but also has a built-in unit converter with more than 200 units and features like random number generator, permutations, etc. Although most of its features are available in the free version, the premium version pack quite some pro features like up to nine digit exponents and 100 decimal places. If you are into theming, this calculator will tickle your fancy.

RealCalc [$3.49]: It is one of the earliest calculator apps for Android, and over the years it has evolved to give quite a package of functions. It has features like degree, radians, and gradians. It also has binary, octal, and hexadecimal modes in the offering. You can also customize the constants and conversions to your suitability. All these functions, however, makes a cramped up interface, but I guess that is expected.

Graphing Calculator by MathLab [$3.49]: Designed with the educator in mind, Graphing Calculator comes with sleek features that help the tutor in teaching students learn mathematics better. It gives you nine workspaces where you can compute problems without leaving any behind. It also gives you 3D graphics for a better understanding of the data, and you have the options of saving functions and expressions for your future use. That said, this calculator is not for your typical office or supermarket calculations. I am thinking the high school teacher will get more out of it than the average Joe out there.The 10 Best Android Calculator Apps for number crunching on your phone

The above Android calculator apps are few among the plethora available on Play Store. You choose what you need and your pocket allowance, but you can explore many others by searching for calculator apps on Play Store search function.

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