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The 2019 #WomenInTech Conferences you should attend for Networking, Mentorships, VCs…

by Milicent Atieno

March can perhaps be said to the women’s month; it has two special days when the world pays special attention to the contribution and the plight of the female gender. That is the International Women’s Day and the Women’s History Month. Though the latter might be a U.S.-only celebration.

Nonetheless, there is a concerted effort by government, private sectors, NGOs, For-Profits, and Not-For-Profits to bridge the gender divide, especially in corporate and formal sectors. We are going to talk about the tech field, since innov8tiv is, after all, a tech news site.

If you are a woman in tech, then you already probably know the extra hurdles on your path compared to your male counterparts. Things are twice as hard if you are an African woman in tech. So today we are going to share with you some yearly conferences, which you ought to attend to boost your networking within the STEM field.

#1 – The Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC)

Unfortunately for the year 2019, this conference has already passed; it was held on March 17-19, but there’s always the next time. For women in tech looking to learn about Artificial Intelligent, then the Nvidia’s GPU Tech Conference is for you.

This conference features multiple opportunities for women looking to accelerate their careers, network, and knowledge of AI. The company also has a Women in AI program on the site; there’s a bunch of women you want in your cycle of professional friends.

Due to the shortage of women in STEM, it is often a struggle for STEM-related conferences to find female speakers. That is not the case with GTC, as they have an incredible range of professional women in STEM, ready to rise to the occasion. That means there will be no shortage of female mentors for the upcoming young women in tech.

#2 – Google Next 19

Search engine giant s set to host its NEXT 19 cloud computing and AI conference in April 9-11. The conference will have a myriad of diversity and inclusions program that will highlights efforts towards roping in the underrepresented demographics into STEM and business.

The conference will feature an interesting session called the #IamRemarkabe workshop, where the attendees are taken through motivation programs. The conference also features the Women of Cloud 2.0 session bringing together professional and aspiring women within the cloud computing space. This is a conference any woman in tech ought to have aspirations to attend.

#3 – Dell Technologies World April

This event to be held on April 29 – May 2, will be spanning the entire gamut of IT, and for women in tech. That should be a bouquet of learning activities. As a company with an impressive strike of gender balance, Dell certainly knows how to throw an impressively informational conference for all women. More details here.

#4 – African Women In Technology Conference (AWIT)

African Women in Technology (AWIT) is a network of women who are creatively redefining the technology space in Africa and are key players in the world’s creative and innovative industries.

The 2019 AWIT conference will be held at the Zone Tech Park in Lagos, Nigeria on March 29-30. The conference brings together stakeholders and trendsetters from around the world, with a spotlight on African women in technology both from Africa and the Diaspora. More details on this event at this link.

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