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The 4 Things that could be draining your iPhone – running iOS 11.4 – Battery Fast

by Felix Omondi
The 4 Things that could be draining your iPhone – running iOS 11.4 – Battery Fast

You were probably excited when Apple announced they releasing an update to its mobile operating system; the new iOS 11.4. However, some users are already complaining that after upgrading to the new iOS, they started noticing their iPhone ran out of battery a lot faster than before.

The following tips will help you stop faster battery drain on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5S. These iPhone battery saving tips will particularly go a long way on iPhone 5, which has a reputation of dying on people faster than the rest of the iPhones.

Tips 1 – Check Battery Saving suggestion by iOS Settings

iOS 11.4 like its predecessors comes with battery saving tips to extend the battery life. These suggestions by Apple could go a long way in giving your extra hours in-between charge. To see these suggestion go to Settings > Battery > Battery Life Suggestions.

Here, you will get suggestions (from Apple) to extend your iPhone battery life.

Tips 2 – Disable Raise to Wake feature

Users on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and other later versions come with ‘Raise to Wake’ feature that is enabled by default. When in on position, your iPhone will remain awake even when you’re walking with it in your hand; with your hands swinging. Even if you pick your phone many times, and not to use it, but simply moving around with it. This feature will wake up your iPhone each time; that equates to a faster battery drain.

To disable the feature to go Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake and toggle the feature off.

Tip 3 – Keep all Apps Updated

With every new iOS update, app developers also need to update their apps to sync and work well with the new mobile OS. Sometimes, the developers take a bit longer, which means some of the application on your iPhone are buggy since they don’t work well with the new OS. The best solution to this problem is to update all apps and frequently keep checking if there is a new version of each app released shortly after you upgrade your mobile OS.

Tip 4 – Cut down on the number of Widgets on the Lock Screen

As much as widgets are useful since they enable you to quickly view important information right from the lock screen. They do have a heavy toll on your iPhone battery life. By reducing the number of widgets on your lock screen, you are bound to get extra juice on battery.

Tip 5 – Disable Background App Refresh

Just like widgets, background app activities are vampires constantly sucking the juice from your batteries. The more the background apps refresh, the faster the battery drain and your charge could last a lot longer were you to disable them. Especially background refresh for apps you don’t find very useful.

Tip 6 – Try to keep your iPhone facing downwards when not in use

When you place your iPhone facing upwards, the screen will illuminate each time there is a notification. And the more the screen illuminates, the more battery is being used. Placing it downwards will disable the screen light flash and only play sound notification.

Tip 7 – Turn on the Low Power Mode

This sounds like a no-brainer tip, but I’ll mention it nonetheless since not everyone is aware of the feature.

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