The $65k WorldLabs’ Elevating Ideas competition now receiving applications

The $65k WorldLabs’ Elevating Ideas competition now receiving applications

The WorldLabs’ Elevating Ideas competition from the UK, which seeks to award financial boots to innovative startups from around the world is currently receiving applications. Startups that demonstrate innovations, scalability and high impact from around the world are encouraged to apply for a chance of winning $64,800 (GB£ 50,000) grant funding.

The Elevating Ideas work does not stop with disbursing the fund to the winning startups. It goes further to help the startups develop and grow their operations. They offer tools and connections for the startups to thrive on top of the grant funding. The organization operates on the mantra that far too many entrepreneurs fall off their tracks merely because they lacked supports systems like funds, networks, and tools to scale up.

The competition is open to all startups from around the world, and across different stages of development; from just ideas to up-and-running startups. As long as the given startup convince the judges that they are worth the grant up for grabs. That can only happen if the startup has a promising product or idea that can be quickly scalable and profitable.

Although the overall winner will walk home with the total sum of $64,800, other participants will not go empty-handed. They will get international limelight for their business, and get access to a global network of potential investors, markets, partners, and investors.

Startups wishing to participate in this competition but feel they don’t yet have a team, Elevating Ideas has a ‘team up’ function that could match them with potential teammates.

Submissions made will be vetted base on the clarity of the business idea, the innovation, feasibility, and scalability of the idea. Also up for consideration is the entrepreneurs level of interaction on the WorldLabs networking portals.

To submit your application click here.

The application window closes on October 22nd, 2018.

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