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The Advanced User Experience of Online Casinos


Playing at an online casino today is definitely not what it used to be last year, let alone five years ago. Each year online casinos seem to improve, along with the games they offer. With increasing technologies, online casinos today offer a high-end user experience that results in an immersive and entertaining experience each time their players play on their platforms.

The way an online casino communicates with its players is quite different to what you would expect at a land-based casino for instance. Because the online world is constantly active, an online casino is able to be responsive in real-time, appealing to different players in diverse ways.

One of the most popular methods is the element of gamification for example, which allows players to track progress and level up throughout their casino journey, adding an additional level of entertainment to their regular casino gameplay.

Game Quality

Once again, we’ve come a long way from the traditional one-armed bandits when it comes to video slots, with new games offering an increasing number of animations, graphics, and special features to them.

From Wilds to Scatters, all the way to Tumbling Reels, Avalanches, Bonus Wheels, Free Spins, and more, slots have evolved tremendously over the past couple of years and things just keep getting better. If you really want to see how far these slots advanced thanks to technology, you can check out the Platin online casino to see for yourself. The game quality is incomparable to what used to be offered in the past, giving users a super experience when playing casino games online.

Importance to the Correct Colours and Sounds

Of course, when it comes to User Experience, giving the right importance to colour when designing an online brand, its website and applications are essential. For instance, there has been a tonne of research that shows that darker colours such as purple and blue give a sense of power and loyalty, while greens and yellows would instil a sense of comfort and happiness. Additionally, the audio also needs to blend with the visuals to create a holistic synchronicity that’s able to give the player an actual feel of the online casino and to provide the user with a similar experience as visiting a land-casino. In fact, this is what many casinos try to do today – Trying to offer users the best possible experience when visiting their platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays most online casinos make use of the same artificial intelligence you might expect to find on music and video streaming platforms for example. By taking note of your preferences and game styles, the algorithm within an online casino can assemble several options for you, including game suggestions you might enjoy based on your past preferences.

Mobile Casino

Nowadays, finding a reliable online casino you’re able to access across all devices is a necessity. Always look for HTML5 compatible casinos that allow you to play across all devices including computers, laptops, and mobile devices. It is always recommended to go for these types of online casinos rather than the ones that require additional software downloads.

Progressive Unlock

As we’ve mentioned earlier on, the element of gamification is steadily increasing in online casinos – but what does this really mean? Gamification in online casinos involves the incorporation of a competitive gaming element to its basic model. In fact, some casinos already offer the possibility of players levelling up, either via a loyalty program or on the main site itself.

Levelling up generally includes several benefits along an online casino players’ journey, including but not limited to exclusive bonuses, free spins, cash drops, and more. Generally speaking, the higher you level up the more generous the rewards.

Some casinos also offer their players the opportunity to take part in tournaments which allow them to compete against players from around the world and level up on the leader board, which is updated in real time.


The next time you end up on an online casino website or application, you will probably be more aware of all these elements. And it’s not only online casinos that are constantly trying to improve the user experience for their users. You can see this on various e-commerce websites such as that of Amazon, or social media platforms such as Instagram that we continuously see change through time, with their goal being that of improving the user’s experience.

In fact, the aforementioned elements try to help casinos lure players in their direction away from competitors. The reason online casinos heavily invest in their UX/UI so much is because they want to offer the best experience possible to their players. Offering the best quality games by some of the world’s best game providers such as Evolution is great, but online casinos need to go beyond. They need to invest in their own platforms and make sure they can be run smoothly, efficiently and are attractive for players to utilize. Lastly, they can go a step further through the addition of including AI recommendation software to their systems and implementing the idea of gamification to their platforms.

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