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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Automation Tool


Instagram automation tools refer to working with software, specifically “bots” to perform different tasks on Instagram that benefit the growth and engagement of the account. These include liking posts, following or unfollowing accounts, commenting on others’ posts, sending direct messages, uploading images and stories, and deleting posts. Bots are programmed to do these functions that are developed to align what you want and what your account needs.

More so, bots work with filters that direct its functions to target users that are relevant to your account and would most likely follow back and engage in your posts once you get their attention. These filters are based on the different demographics and specifications you want your bots to have such as gender, follow ratio, location, latest activity, who they follow, private accounts, whether they have profile pictures, and more.

In contrast to popular belief that bots run around freely performing tasks without your control, you can actually turn your bot on and off, decide how many tasks your bot performs on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis, and modify how much delay there would be in between each action. Instagram has certain guidelines that you can follow so as not to lead to being banned from the app or website. This is one of the main ideas of why using an Instagram automation tool has its advantages and disadvantages.


You will, later on, observe how using an Instagram automation tool has a domino effect on the positive results it can bring


Safely engage more


Engaging with other people on Instagram, especially when you have the same interests as these accounts, is one of the necessary strategies in working towards Instagram success. Knowing engaging with them would pay you with different opportunities and benefits, you might try to overdo it or worry about it and play it too conservatively. Using bots allows your account to interact with others consistently with Instagram’s safety threshold. You don’t have to do the work of estimating how much you’ve interacted already, losing track, and getting banned. Might as well get agencies doing organic instagram growth service to help you out with the campaign.

Increase your following

With more engagements, your account will naturally gain more followers. Instagram users will think that the company, the individual, or whatever the account represents takes time to give compliments, interact, and more. So they might want to return this energy to responding and engaging to your posts and messages as well. Through Instagram growth service & automation tools, this increase can happen instantly as others have attested to have an increase of up to an average of 300 followers a day.

Does the job and saves your time

Time and effort. That can be a lot to give especially when you have to follow an hourly routine.  Instagram can allow a certain amount of activity an account can perform within the given period of time. It is unreasonable and impractical to stay on your account all-day just to interact with other accounts. Your bots can do it for you and can make sure your account does not violate any of these limits.



Not Instagram approved


Using bots or conducting any function done through automated means is specifically prohibited under Instagram’s terms and services. Once your account gets detected for suspicious activities your account can be banned


It can be hard to control


It takes time before a user can learn how to manage bots well. There can be problems that will be encountered with managing these bots that is why it is important to first understand all the components of managing them.

Some agencies and people who manage bots and accounts who have them attest that they have not experienced any deletion of an account or permanent blocking. What’s important in using Instagram automation tools is mastering how to manipulate them.

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