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The Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage during Floods

How do I keep my Car running Smoothly, for Longer without breaking my wallet

Having your own car is a treasure. With a car, you won’t have a hard time moving from one place to another. However, things like floods can damage or destroy your car. In this case, you will either need to replace it by yourself or the bank on your insurance cover. The latter option is the most popular way of dealing with car damages caused by floods. However, you need to get the right policy. You need a car insurance policy that covers flood damages. And that’s where comprehensive car insurance coverage comes in. Here are the top reasons why you need comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Protect Your Car

With a comprehensive policy, you have a coverage that takes care of things like car theft, water damage, windscreen repair, vandalism, etc. However, this type of coverage is not mandatory. It doesn’t for, part of the minimum coverage. In a nutshell, a comprehensive car covers things beyond your car. It’s also important to note that those people financing their cars are obliged to take comprehensive as well as collision coverage. According to car dealers, these coverage acts as collateral when taking loans. Failing to repay the loan (or defaulting) can lead to car repossession. This coverage ensures that your car is in good condition or working order if they decide to repossess it. It’s a precautionary measure.

Pay a Deductible

The majority of car insurance policies are characterized by deductibles, which is actually the amount you will be paying in case of damages. This amount is determined when taking the policy. It’s important to note that when the deductible is lower, the cost of your insurance is higher. Remember to ask your insurance company to shed more light on the deductible.

Restrictions in Hurricane

If you are located in an area prone to hurricane and it’s on its way, you might be denied comprehensive insurance coverage. Insurance companies have a right to freeze these types of coverage before tropical storm force-based wind strikes. However, this is done on advice from the National Hurricane Center. This prevents people who want to make fraudulent claims. In this case, you won’t be allowed to pay for this coverage a few days before.

After the Water Damage

When it comes to repairing flood based damage, time is extremely important. You need to stick with the timelines. So, ask your agent about the timelines for filing in the claims. Follow the right steps. Act fast and give your case a priority. Not sticking within the stipulated timelines can see your case thrown out. Also, remember to dry your car in the shortest time possible.

The Bottom-Line

Car damages can come in different forms. They include car accidents, water damages from floods, vandalism, etc. Getting compensation from car-related damages depends on your policy. Unlike other car insurance policies, comprehensive car coverage caters to water-related damages. The above are compelling reasons why you need a comprehensive car insurance coverage.

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