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The Benefits of Working from Home


In recent decades, the work from home revolution has been continually predicted by soothsayers and futurists. We were all going to telecommute, working from our home offices, and liaising with people around the world. Distance would shrink. The world would arrive at our doorsteps. Yet, despite the few who did make the leap, for the most part, the revolution never materialized.

Then the pandemic hit. The companies who were unsure about the benefits of working from home were forced to go all in. With lockdown confining people to their homes, the virtual meeting took precedence. In the days since, employees are opting to keep working from, even after lockdown ends. Plus, companies are increasingly sold on the idea.

So, what are the incredible benefits of working from home?

The end of the commute

There’s one thing that can be universally agreed: commuting is awful. Whether you’re stuck in a hot and stuffy car, or you’re a packed sardine on the train, commuting is dead time. Nothing is done. Plus, it’s well known to raise stress levels and reduce physical health. After all, you spent most of it sitting down.

It was alright for the lucky few who enjoyed a short walk to work. However, for the rest of us, the end of the commute has been a blessing.

Now employees are enjoying the fruits of a healthy work-life balance. As they claw back the hours, they previously wasted bumper-to-bumper or shuttling in on the train. Plus, a healthier and happier employee is also more productive. Companies are noticing the benefits to their bottom-line.

We’ve even solved one of the few downsides of working from home: the backdrop. For young people, they may not yet have a home they can be proud of and for the older employee’s kids, and pets leave the place a mess. Thankfully, there are virtual backgrounds. Choose the right virtual background for zoom – Hello Backgrounds have hundreds of options from which to choose. So, whether you prefer the serenity of nature or the professionalism of an office, they have the background for you.

Thanks, from the environment

We all know the problems with fossil fuels. Yet, for years we spent our time burning them up to get to places we didn’t need to be. Such a waste! Nor has it gone unnoticed. A poll of 2,000 office workers worldwide found that over seventy-five per cent expressed guilt about commuting and the resulting impact on the environment.

And CO2 is the tip of the iceberg. Other chemicals such as nitrogen dioxide – which cars emit – are devastating greenhouse gases. Our vehicles also spew heavy metals into soils. It’s why trees near the road are never as tall as those in nature. By limiting our fuel use, we aren’t just more efficient; we’re also being green.

Save money

Did you know the average American spends between $2,000 and $5,000 per year getting into work? Imagine how you could spend all that money. Plus, it’s not just your daily commute that was costing you money. The endless lunches out, cups of coffee, and more all added up. To your bank balance, it was death by a thousand cuts.

But it’s not just employees making savings. Companies are now able to shut expensive offices, or at least downsize. The cost of heating and cleaning, of furniture and reception staff are now unnecessary. All that gets added to the profit line. That means more expansion, more employees, and best of all, more successful businesses.

Live healthily

You might think that’s where the benefits end. However, working from home is also amazingly good for your health. After all, who doesn’t want more time to exercise, to eat well, and to spend time with their family. Isn’t that the dream?

It does depend on your motivation, though. But with less stress and more time, we’ll no longer have an excuse for not hitting the gym. Studies show that autonomy is linked to job satisfaction. And happier people also live longer.

Yet, even if you decide to slob it, you’ll still experience some health benefits. All those toxic and noxious pollutants will stay outside. Considering air pollution is a significant cause of mortality globally, this isn’t to be taken lightly.

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