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The Best Cat Supplies for Every Type of Cat


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You’ve been there. You’re sure your cat is the best, but after a few days of pampering her with fancy snacks, high-quality scratching posts, and purrfect bedding, you find out she’s not a fan of any of it. But wait! There’s hope! These various types of cats will love everything from food and treat to scratching posts and beds, and they’ll even appreciate PETstock cat supplies online and in-store.


Cuddlers are the most affectionate of all cats. They love being petted, held, and snuggled up on your lap! If this sounds like your cat, consider getting them a cuddle basket so he can curl up in it whenever you’re not around.

If you have multiple cats living together in the same house or apartment, ensure each one has a place to sleep. Cats love napping during the day but will often find themselves looking for somewhere quiet at night, especially if they’re used to sleeping with their humans during those hours when everyone else is asleep.

Playful kittens

If you have a kitten, your best bet is to get her a cat tree. These are usually made of plastic and come with several different platforms she can explore. They’re also great for introducing her to climbing as an adult cat.

If you want something that’s more interactive than just sitting on top of her favorite spot in your living room and watching TV, try getting one of these items:

  • A scratching post or wall perch helps keep cats entertained by keeping their claws sharp and nimble; they’re beneficial if your kitty has arthritis or other mobility issues that make it difficult for them to get around without assistance from humans!
  • Interactive toy balls offer both mental stimulation and physical activity at once! The bouncy balls will keep any kitty entertained while encouraging them toward higher levels of playfulness, and even when they get bored with chasing after balls all day long, you’ll still have something fun waiting for them back home at night.

Scratching fiends

If your cat is a scratching fiend, don’t worry! You can make it easier for them to scratch. Scratching posts are great because they provide a safe place for your feline friend to do what they love best: scratch.

Make sure that the post is tall enough so your kitty can reach the top comfortably and that it’s made from sturdy material so he doesn’t try scaling down its length with his claws. Cats also like catnip, so if you add some in there, you’ll be even happier!


Climbers are the best way to keep your cat occupied. These climbing structures come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find one that matches your kitty’s needs. Some cats enjoy lounging on top of their perch while watching the world go by, while others prefer to climb down into the dome or hide somewhere else within the structure.

If you have multiple cats who need toys hanging from their tree, consider buying several laser pointers or other interactive items like fishing poles or balls they can play with. If one cat can get his paws on these items early on and make them his jungle gym, this will encourage him not only to explore more but also make him less likely to try to steal them away from others later down the line!

Rascals & rebels

You may need extra training if your cat is a rascal or rebel. These cats are well-known for their strong wills and independent personalities, which can make them challenging to train. They like to roam around the house and check out all the new things they see.

If your cat is a roamer, particularly if they have been allowed outside before, it’s essential to get plenty of exercise outside whenever possible. This will help keep him from developing behaviors like digging holes in the yard or getting into trouble at home. Cats also need water access so they don’t become dehydrated; it’s best if there’s an accessible bowl where she can drink every day as needed during her routine.

Lap loungers

If your cat has a favorite spot to relax, make that a place they can sit down and enjoy. A lap lounger is a perfect solution to this problem.

A lap lounger offers several benefits: It provides a soft surface for your kitty’s backside, it allows them access to all kinds of surfaces around your home, and, best of all, it makes it easy for them to be comfortable when they’re not sitting on top of something!

The most common type of lap lounger is an armchair-shaped piece made out of foam rubber material; however, there are plenty of other options available, including cushions shaped like teddy bears or pillows shaped like dogs. Some even come with pockets so cats can bring toys while relaxing outside their houses.

Outdoor cats

If you have an outdoor cat, it’s essential to provide a safe place for them to stay warm and dry during the winter. If your cat is in an area that gets snow or rain, consider getting cat shelters or tunnels to hide in. You can also give them food and water bowls with lids so they won’t have any issues with spills if they go outside on their own.


These PETstock cat supplies online and in-store can be a fun way to introduce your cat to new things and keep her entertained, but they’re also helpful for keeping your cat healthy and happy. So whether you have a playful kitten or an anxious one, these tips will help you choose the best cat supplies for him!

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