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The Best iPhone X Color: Which Color of new iPhone You Should Buy

by Fahad Saleem

Apple recently announced iPhone X. The phone will go on sale by the end of October. Many people are asking which is the best color in iPhone X they should buy. Well, I’d say the best decision comes by actually holding every iPhone X colored phone in your hand and putting it in light. Everyone has their color preferences. Apple is offering three colors in iPhone X. The best iPhone X color depends a lot of your preferences. We will take a look at every color and discuss their merits and flaws.

The Best iPhone X Color

Space Gray is an excellent color offered by Apple in iPhone X. Apple did the right thing by introducing Space Gray color. Most of the people don’t know what a space gray color is like. Here is a photo recently leaked on the internet, showing a space gray iPhone X.

Most of the iPhone lovers think that the best iPhone X color is silver. I personally would prefer silver only because it’s the closest color to the white, which is my favorite color.

If you choose silver colored iPhone X, there are some problems you might face. Most of the silver textured phones show finger prints. So if you don’t get a case all your phone will get finger prints and the phone might look ugly after a few months.

Also, the silver colored iPhone X looks like dirty white.

Then we have Black color in iPhone X. Seriously, nothing beats the grace of black color. Have a look at this excellent photo of a black iPhone X. Above all, a black colored iPhone will hide all the small scratches and finger prints.

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