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The Best Mobile Apps in thus far in 2018

by Milicent Atieno
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We’re halfway through the year 2018. Perhaps you have been so busy that you did not notice that it is time to give your smartphone’s home screen a bit of a refresh. If you have not stop for a minute to look at what new and hot in the apps store, well here is a list of the best app released this year you might want to give a try.

#1 – Camera +2

Do you love taking photos on your iPhone? This app will give you a thrilling manual photography app, one that comes with more controls compared to your native iPhone camera app. The original (first of the series) Camera+ was the one that set the standard for killer camera app. Now the sequel, Camera+ 2 has taken the game extra notches up and comes with the manual control like the first one but with more advanced editing features making for one camera app that is faster and easier to navigate.

#2 – Otter Voice Notes

If you have ever had to transcribe audio recording, then you probably know how painstaking the process can sometimes be. While there are hundreds of apps on the apps store that can take the sound recording and try to do transcription, very none can rival Otter Voice Notes in getting the job done right.

The app even has a smart AI sense that makes it more than just a basic speech recognition app. It can learn your voice and distinguish it from other speakers in a given conversation.

#3 – Pokémon Quest

Did you love the original Pokémon game? Well, the Pokémon Quest is like Minecraft-esque where you go on a Tumblecube Island where you have to explore to find items, pimp up your camp, and compete in battles against other players.

#4 – Google Lens

Google Lens feels like a technology a couple of decades ahead of its time; it gives us a glimpse of the future of search. This app uses your camera phone to scan your environment, and it gives you information about the objects it sees. You can use Google Lens to scan barcodes, recognize dog breeds, get more information about landmarks, and even get information on a work of art.

#5 – Google News

For the news junkies, Google News app aggregates all the important news on topics you love and serves them to you in one single platform. Though it is not a new app, Google gave it a facelift earlier this year, with new features that even improves user experience. The recent versions even come with the ability to save articles for later offline reading.

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