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The Caffeine Companion – Why Coffee is a Vital Tool For New Startups


It’s a known fact that most people over the age of 25 drink at least one or more cups of coffee a day. Some may say coffee gives a boost to those who are starting up their own businesses for various reasons. Its intoxicating aroma will definitely aid those working tirelessly at a startup. Here’s why more people are turning towards an in-house coffee machine.

You Can Process New Information & Skills Faster 

There’s a reason most coffee machines in Singapore offices and co-working spaces are highly utilised, this is due to the fact that one glass of coffee will help your brain learn new tasks. People such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg find that their ability to process information and develop new skills is much quicker than when they don’t. See how you match against some of the world’s biggest CEOs and their coffee addictions. Your new business will need to be able to adapt to new skills and ideas as quickly as possible and coffee could be the way to increase this. 

You Will Be More Alert and Awake 

It’s no secret that coffee gives you a boost of energy and alertness. When building up your new venture, ensuring you are alert and awake for all important meetings, decisions or general daily tasks is imperative to the success of your new business. The caffeine will help your brain’s functionality work quicker and more efficiently, enabling you to tackle more tasks throughout your busy day. Get yourself out of your afternoon slump, by investing in an internal caffeine companion with a coffee machine to ensure you work as efficiently as possible.

It Gets Your Startup Creative Juices Flowing

As aforementioned, when you drink coffee, your brain’s energy increases quite substantially. Therefore the brain is open to new ideas and enters a new creative realm that your usual brain activity cannot comprehend. When beginning a large business endeavor, you need to be able to think ‘outside the box.’ There are several reasons as to why the benefits of coffee are important when trying to get a business off the ground, creativity being one of the most useful ones.

Creates a Social Scene

Having a designated coffee area with an internal coffee machine will help generate a great office environment and engage coworkers in a social setting. This can also be useful when having client meetings at your office space. Offering them a cafe-quality coffee with a range of different kinds of milk will definitely impress your client/investor.

Everything in Moderation

In saying this, there is only so much coffee a single person can consume in one day before they exceed their daily coffee limit, which can create more bad than good in the long run. Most health professionals will advise that you keep to a limit of under 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. This equates to approximately just under four cups of coffee a day. That’s a total of four hours in your day that you can utilize the benefits of caffeine. Ensuring that you keep under this limit will ensure you stay as healthy as possible and as high functioning as you can be.

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