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The Complete Guide to Buying Ice Machines for Your Business


Did you know that the ice machine manufacturing industry has a market size of $862 million? Food service, food processing, retail, and healthcare all rely on ice machines.

But there are several factors to consider before buying ice machines and choosing the right one. Do you what to look for in ice machines for businesses?

The following guide will explain all of the ice machine options available today. Read on to learn about different ice machine features and find out which are a fit for your business.

Amount of Ice and Machine Size

To narrow down your options, determine how much ice your business needs. For example, a hotel might go through hundreds of pounds of ice each day. It’s crucial that the machine you choose can keep up with your business’s demand.

How often will your customers be eating and drinking throughout the day? Try to identify how much ice an average customer uses. Then, multiply that number by the number of total customers each day.

You also need to consider the size of the machine and your available space. Some machines might fit better in a storage room, and some might fit under a bar. Decide where you want it located and plan your purchase accordingly.

Ice Types

Next, you’ll want to decide what shaped ice you need. Cubed ice is great for beverages, dispensing, and banquet services. There are full cubes, half cubes, and even gourmet cubes to choose from.

Shaved ice is great for blended cocktails and cooling something down fast. It works well for produce, meat, and seafood displays. Shaved ice is also used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals and nursing homes.

Nugget ice is somewhere in between cubes and shaved ice. It’s like shaved ice but forms into random nuggets that don’t stick together. Nuggets are versatile for all uses and especially good for carbonated beverages.

Speed, Drainage, and Filters

You might need a more efficient machine to make ice faster if you’re in a hotter climate. Ice machines have to work harder in heat, and guests usually drink more when it’s hot out.

You will also need to connect your machine to a cold water supply and have a floor drain. Also, filters help ice machines last longer by reducing limescale buildup. You’ll also need to clean and maintain the ice maker regularly.

Comparing Ice Machine Prices

The cost of ice machines varies greatly depending on your needs. Expect to spend between $1,800 to $6,900 for a commercial ice maker.

Make sure to factor in installation costs and any future maintenance into your budget. Be sure to read online customer reviews before you make your ice machine purchase.

Buying Ice Machines With Confidence

Now you know the basics of choosing and buying ice machines. Remember, determine how much ice you need, your space, ice type, and your budget.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect ice maker for your business. Check out the rest of our site for more helpful advice and fascinating articles.

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