The Complete Guide to Grow your YouTube Channel

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Are you ready to be a YouTube star? It’s easier than you may think. Some people believe that with the many YouTubers in the world right now, penetrating this market is not easy. But how many YouTubers do you watch? Considering that there are billions of people in this world, do you think you even follow a fraction of YouTubers? There’s a whole audience out there waiting for you to launch your career and show them something different. We show you how you can reach them in this guide. Let’s go:

Show Credibility

We measure Instagram accounts by followers. So, how do people measure the trustworthiness of a YouTube account? They look at the number of subscribers and the number of views. Now, here’s the thing. It’s common for a channel with few subscribers to have many views, which shows that people are interested in the content but have not committed to a subscription. You might even be doing the same thing with content on YouTube. But a channel with few views implies that the content is below par. Avoid putting off potential viewers with low numbers and instead, buy real YouTube views and convince people to watch your videos. They are more likely to watch a video with 10,000 views than they would one with 100 views.

Post Videos Often

When you are starting a YouTube channel, you will not have much backdated content. So, people can watch what you have and finish your videos within a short while. Unfortunately, this works against you because they will have no reason to subscribe, yet the content is limited. So, how do you convince them to keep coming for more content? By posting several times a week. Before starting the channel, come up with a series of videos and release them in a trickle format. Also, keep reminding your audience that you have videos coming up, e.g., every five days. That should keep them hooked to your channel enough to generate an audience.

Use a Sustainable Approach

Are you posting on a schedule that you can maintain? Say, for example, that you have promised your audience that you will post a video every Monday and Wednesday. Can you keep up with the timeline? You need to figure out how you can create entertaining videos within this timeline. So, if your thought process takes you a month to create a video, you need to have enough backdated content or cut the process short. Keep re-evaluating your processes to meet your video demands.

Engage Your Audience from the Start

What is your current retention rate? Is it satisfactory? Your hook could be to blame. Look at it this way. People have millions of videos available to them. So, for them to watch yours, you have to offer something valuable. They decide if they are getting this value within the first few minutes of watching your video. Make those minutes count. How? Let people know what you will cover and clue them in on an exciting tidbit to keep them interested. For example, you could make a video on how to bake a vanilla cake. Then state in the hook that you found a secret to making it soft and spongy, and you will reveal this in the video. People will keep watching the video to learn this secret.

Be Straight to The Point

Again, you must remember that people have a variety to choose from- YouTube has come a long way. Just like you are trying to grow your channel, thousands of others are on the same path. So, look at it from the audience’s point of view. Why would they watch your 10-minute-long video if they could get the same information in 5 minutes?  Keeping your opening credits short enables you to move straight to the point. That way, you offer more value instead of spending considerable time on things your audience probably does not care about.

Promote Your Videos

Are you using cross-promotion strategies on your channel? You might be wondering what these are. Here’s a good example. Suppose you post a video about how to make a vanilla cake. At the end of the video, you can add an end screen promoting related videos. So, you can add other cake recipes here. That way, someone is more likely to click on the related videos to figure out what else they can bake. It allows you to get more views and engage your audience more. You can also use the end screen to prompt your audience to hit that subscribe button.

Be Fast

How much value does your video impart? You need to edit it to ensure that every second adds value to the viewer. For example, are you taking long pauses in between scenes? Cut them! Does your video have a flow? Maybe one minute you’re talking about how to buy vanilla cake ingredients, and in the next, you’re talking about an unrelated subject. Cut the extra parts. Keep the video short and simple to ensure that viewers don’t get distracted or bored and move on to another video. People want to be engaged, and you always need to view the content from their perspective.

Use Engaging Thumbnails

Have you thought of how your thumbnails affect your video engagement? People first notice the thumbnail then read the description. So, if you want more people to click on your videos, get creative with the pictures. For example, if you make a video about making money online, show your audience the money. You could use dollar signs or show actual amounts or even post the money. That engages the visuals and prompts someone to read what the video entails. Don’t sleep on this selling point. Please ensure that you deliver what the thumbnail communicates. It’s easy to get carried away with engaging the visuals that you forget that people will want what they saw. Imagine how annoying it would be for someone to click on the money-making video and realize that you barely offer insights.

Have you tried going live? This strategy is also a winner that can earn you a higher engagement. Good luck!

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