The day Sony mistakenly uploaded an entire Movie to YouTube instead of Movie Trailer


Sony Pictures Entertainment made a gross mistake with the movie trailer release for Khali the Killer on YouTube. The trailer is designed to encourage viewers to go buy the movie in Blu-ray, stream it online, or go out to the theaters to watch it.

But, someone at the company made the mistake of uploading the entire movie on YouTube, instead. The movie – Khali the Killer – is a violent drama that borrows a lot from the westerns and 70’s exploitation films.

Funny enough, the movie was first released in DVD last year, but was not slated for theater release until later this year. So it was not a classic case of a movie being unavailable but suddenly appears up on YouTube.

The movie that runs for one hour and 30 minutes was uploaded entirely on YouTube but has since been removed. It was available on YouTube for several hours, talk about a spoiler. Some of the speculations doing round on the internet about the likely causes of such an error include a young intern (entry-level digital producer) accidentally copy-pasting the wrong video ID number from Sony’s internal video repository into a proprietary publishing tool for bulk-publisher for several videos.

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