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The Different Types of Loading Equipment


Loading equipment is essential for efficiency and productivity within the logistics and production industry. This type of equipment ensures the smooth sailing of transferring goods and cargo from vehicles to loading docks. Having a high-quality range of loading equipment and technology comes with a vast array of benefits and advantages to your business. 

Here’s a rundown of the different types of loading equipment and their advantages. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how loading systems can greatly benefit your business.

The following is a guide that Hormann helped put together that contains all the information about loading technology and equipment you need. 

What is loading technology?

But first, what exactly is loading technology? This technology plays a vital role in the smooth operation of certain businesses. If you need to transfer heavy cargo from your vehicles to a warehouse, you will need loading technology to do this easily and efficiently. Loading technology includes pieces of equipment such as dock levelers, dock shelters, and loading houses.

Combined, these pieces of equipment can make a real difference to your business and help with the smooth running of your business.

Dock levelers

Dock levelers are a type of loading technology that provides a solution to the difference in height between vehicles and loading platforms. They transport heavy goods from the vehicle to the warehouse platforms, effectively bridging the gap between these two things.

Many benefits come with installing a dock leveler in your place of work. From improved employee safety to being very efficient. Here are some of the advantages that come with purchasing a dock leveler for your workplace.

Improved safety: having a dock leveler ensures a better level of safety for employees. By bridging the gap between vehicles and platforms, you lessen the chance of any incidents happening. This is because dock levelers provide a smooth transition of heavy goods and cargo.

Increased productivity in the workplace: dock levelers also increase productivity in employees as they save a lot of time and energy, so employees can move on to their next task quickly. This is a great benefit for employees as they can focus on other things. 

Dock shelters and seals

Dock shelters are an essential piece of loading equipment as they protect your goods and vehicles from harsh weather conditions. The main benefit of having a dock shelter is the protection from the elements.

Another great advantage to dock shelters is that they prevent your vehicles and goods from getting dirty or damaged. Damage is the last thing you want to happen to your equipment, goods, and lorries. This is why having a dock shelter installed is advantageous to your business, as it prevents this from happening. 

Loading houses

Loading houses are a type of loading equipment that helps you utilize the space inside of your buildings. Loading houses are built on the exterior of your building which ensures you can fully optimize the space of your building interiors as effectively as possible. Loading houses are designed to help the process of loading and unloading as simple and easy as possible. This is why you should consider installing a loading house for your business. 

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