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The DNC in the US advised to stop using Android devices and pick iPhones over spying fears

by Felix Omondi
The DNC members in the US are being advised to dump Android devices for iPhone over spying fears

Google inability to push out security updates and patches to all devices has given Apple the upper hand when it comes to users very keen on their device’s privacy and security. The US’s Democratic National Committee (DNC) has advised Democrats to stay away from their Android devices, and instead pick an iPhone.

The DNC has particularly warned members to stay away from certain phones, especially those made by certain Chinese companies that have been known to be too cozy with the Republican-led government.

The DNC first chief information security officer (CISO), Bob Lord, said that Apple has a good track record of pushing out security updates and patches to its iOS. A good habit that ensured users remain secure online.

With Android, it is not that Google does not push out updates and patches; they do. The problem with Android is that Google makes it and gives it away to OEMs who then have the liberty to tinker with it, to their liking. The final Android that ends up on the user’s hands has more tweaks from the OEMs that Google no longer has direct influence as far as how the OS operates.

For Google to update Android device, they need the OEM to receive those update and patches, then tweak it in such a way that it will flawlessly install into the device. Now, most OEMs don’t even bother picking up these updates and patches. They also locked the final Android in the users’ hand from influence by Google.

So many devices in the Android market hardly ever get the updates and patches Google sends out. That means a lot of people walking around with Android devices are sitting ducks waiting to be spied, hacked on, locked out of their devices, and other forms of digital heists.

For that reason, and the fact that a certain Chinese company makes some of the most popular Android devices. The DNC is warning members to switch to iPhone since Apple manages the devices directly without having any OEMs in the middle to dictate what gets to the final users’ device and what doesn’t.

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