The Fascinating Tech Behind Simple Online Games

The Fascinating Tech Behind Simple Online Games

Unless you’re a coding whizz, what goes on behind your favorite online games can seem like witchcraft. When it comes to very complex games, with huge maps, complicated controls, and immense storylines, the technology is very confusing to explain. However, when it comes to some of the simpler online games that you can play in your browser, or on your mobile, much of the technology is surprisingly easy to understand. Having an insight into how these games work can even help you to understand how to improve your chances of winning. So, here’s how they work!

Online and Mobile Poker

Although different providers bring different things to the experience of playing poker mobile, one thing that all of them share is that they use random number generators to decide which card is drawn next. Getting dealt your cards and how it works isn’t a thing that many of us think twice about when playing card games online, but it has a huge impact on the outcome of the game, so it really is worth understanding properly. In order to ensure that the cards that everybody is dealt have been properly ‘shuffled’ a random number generator is used. This RNG is set to pick a random number out of whichever number of cards is in play, with each of the cards assigned its own number. This ensures that the correct number of each card is drawn and that there is no chance of bias. Random number generators are used all of the time in casino games, so understanding their true randomness really helps when it comes to calculating your odds of winning.

Point and Click Games

Point and Click games are one of the simplest game formats around. In order to play all you have to do is move your mouse or trackpad to the point on the screen that you think is relevant, then click to reveal any prompts, clues or progress further in the game. Thanks to their immense simplicity there is software that is completely free to use that will enable you to create your own Point and Click game. An example of this great game-creating gadget that has been used to create point and click games, and even release them with commercial success, is Adventure Game Studio. The AGS software allows you to create a game from a variety of presets, with one of them involving a simple left click to interact, and right-click to take a closer look. All that the computer needs is a mouse location and either a right or left click to make your way through an entire game that can have a storyline just as complex as any of the big, expensive, releases.

Shooter Games

The shooter or shoot-em-up format is hugely popular and surprisingly simple to create. If you’re playing a shooting game where your aim is the only key to success, then just like point and click games, your mouse movement, and a simple left-click command are all the game needs to work. However, if you need to factor in velocity too, for example in a game where you’re shooting a bow and arrow, then it all gets a little more confusing. You’ll first need to aim, then hold and release your click. These commands appear to the computer as a mouse movement an initial touch, then a time period reflecting the force with which the arrow is released, before the cursor is unpressed. These games are sometimes played on a touch screen device such as a mobile, where the long click and release is done with the touch of a finger.

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