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Heritage Box; The First Monthly Subscription Box To Teach Kids About Black History And Africa

by Milicent Atieno
The First Monthly Subscription Box To Teach Kids About Black History And Africa

If you don’t know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.

Those are the words of Terry Pratchett while he may not have much in common with the people of color who trace their roots from the motherland continent, Africa. The adage remains nonetheless true, children of Africa especially those living outside the continent run the risk of completely disconnecting with their roots, culture, and history.

To a great extent, this is the result of too much exposure to foreign culture and too little exposure to their own culture. There have been numerous calls from seasoned professionals, influencers, church leaders, thought leaders and leaders of the Black community to try and make awareness about the need for the Black community to know the Black History and African roots.

It only by understanding the Black History and the African roots, that the Black community will raise children that are proud of themselves, are self-aware and empowered. In that spirit, there is a group of Black parents who felt the need to come up with a way to educate their children about the Black History and Africa.

The parents soon realized that it was quite challenging to educate their kids about Black History and Africa on a consistent basis. Their experience was shared by a lot of Black parents, even the non-Black parents that have adopted children with African heritage.

It is then that the group of parents came up with the innovative idea Heritage Box; a tool that keeps children engaged all year round on Black history and Africa’s  geography. The all year round aspect of the Heritage Box makes it a more effective tool for teaching Black kids about their heritage than the annual Black History Month that occurs every February. The Heritage Box is made with your child in mind, with each month’s content giving your kid the appropriate book covering cultural adventures to keep your child engaged.

The Heritage Box comes with

1) A genuine Maasai Box made in Kenya where your kid can store souvenirs from Africa.

2) Global map.

3) A journal to where they can jot down their thoughts.

4) A postcard album for storing postcards from the various African countries they visit virtually with their families.

5) A book with a summary of the African American history.

6) On the second month of use, kids will get a ‘Travel’ package. For the second month, they will receive a ‘Travel’ package. This box will focus on one country in Africa and provide the kids souvenirs, games, a book and other fun surprises about that particular country.

7) The third month will feature a specific theme/person from Black history.

8) On the fourth month, the kids will alternate the box contents with content on Black history and the geography of Africa. The box will have only relevant book.

For more details about the Heritage Box, click here

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