The Free Wi-Fi Mapping & Troubleshooting App NetSpot Now Available On Windows

The Free Wi-Fi Mapping & Troubleshooting App NetSpot Now Available To Windows

Wi-Fi connectivity is pretty awesome it lets you move around with your device within its coverage radius. It also allows you to connect multiple devices to the Internet at the same time without all the complications of wires running up and down.

It is this awesomeness of Wi-Fi that sometimes makes them quite the pain in the foot; every household and office building seems to be installing Wi-Fi network. The thing is, Wi-Fi is an electromagnetic wave (radio), and if they are being beamed from so many sources and the sources are near each other, the signals will interfere with each other.

That is why you find your home or office Wi-Fi not being available throughout the building premises. Despite the router being strategically placed to beam out Wi-Fi in all directions that cover the entire building grounds but there is always those areas you are certain the Wi-Fi signal should be, but it is not there. That is often the result of two or more Wi-Fi signals interfering with each other.

OS X users have had a nifty app NetSpot that helps them map out their Wi-Fi networks; showing them spots with poor reception and troubleshooting by showing them how to fix them. This app has recently become available to Windows users.

Just like NetSpot works on Mac, Windows users will be able to see all the SSID in proximity, their operating channels and which Wi-Fi is interfering with others among other features. NetSpot allows you to list off all other Wi-Fi networks in your vicinity and use the mapping feature to lay out the access points locations relative to your current position.

NetSpot has a built-in channel and strength analyzer that runs in the background allowing mapping out your reception as you move around the building. The app also comes with a live heatmap that shows your Wi-Fi signal strengths around the premises. That way you can select the best spot in the building to place your computer desk for better Wi-Fi signal reception.

NetSpot works in Windows 7, 8, and 10 and supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. To download NetSpot click here.

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