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The Future of Blackjack Tech and Robot Dealers


In recent times, there has risen a problem of sustainability in the casino industry with regard to the game of blackjack, which revolves around a casino’s ability to keep professional dealers on the payroll. Not that it’s a problem in every casino and for every table mind you, but it is a problem, nonetheless.

The issue stems from the fact that casinos have become more approachable for everyone, which is especially true for online live casinos. A majority of the new players and beginners are low wagers. It is not feasible for a casino to pay pro dealers when the players are waging $1 – $5 per hand. Given that low bids are also the most common type of bids today, raising the bar would mean a massive loss of players as well, making it an invalid strategy. As one might imagine, this is where technology intervenes, in the form of robot dealers, or in case of online casinos, virtual AI dealers.

What are Robot Dealers?

To define the robot dealer, we will have to travel back through time and land in 2013, where Yaskawa Motoman Robotics had first unveiled the SDA10F, aka, Dexter Bot at the Automate 2013.

The robot was a fully-fledged blackjack dealer in shiny white and blue! The Dexter Bot with its rotating body, seven-jointed, double arms and suction cup hands offered a solution to the low baller problem for the first time.

It could work at a pace faster than even the world’s fastest dealer and once you bought it, it would likely not ask for payment either! However, it was a prototype and we have not seen too much of the bot since then.

Now that we are in 2020, one can only imagine what the latest version of the Dexter Bot would be capable of doing because of the huge advances we have made since then, in both robotics and machine learning. It would not just stop the low wager problem from being a problem; it could potentially run pro dealers out of a job! Potentially being the key word here, which leads us to our next topic of discussion.

Will Future Blackjack Games be Devoid of Human Dealers?

There is a likelihood of live dealers losing some of their demand, of course, but as far as seeing a future where casinos are devoid of human dealers is concerned, that is not going to happen.

One of the main attractions of playing blackjack is to play against a human dealer, and if that element is removed, the card game itself will lose some of its popularity. However, what we are far more likely to see is a combination of intelligent machines and human dealers working side by side, with low ballers being most likely restricted to the robot dealers

What about Online Casinos

Some online casinos are already ahead of the curve and have reached the perfect balance. Some of the best online casinos will give players a choice to play blackjack with either a live, human dealer, or with the AI dealer in a 3D environment. The rules will differ though, in accordance with the specific casino’s rules and regulations. Whether the casino decides to restrict low ballers to AI tables only is something that is entirely dependent on the casino’s discretion regarding the topic.

What about the Role of VR in Blackjack?

Perhaps in a few years, we will see another impact of technological advances made in the casino industry, something that was expected to be commonplace by now. We are talking about Virtual Reality, of course, and it does hold amazing promises for card games. Although the promises are yet to be delivered upon, and VR gaming has been at a near standstill for years now, blackjack from home with a VR helmet could change the industry as it stands now. Not only will it attract more players to the game, but the players themselves will enjoy a surreal experience. How, when, and if it pans out though remains to be seen, given that the present ones are not really that popular.

The future of blackjack is bright, as it is expected to reach more players and even traditional ones who are locked-in at home indefinitely. However, offline establishments too will have to think about introducing online tech to help their offerings reach their players who can’t physically enter the casino right now. As far as online casinos are concerned though, they are as of now, the safest and best way to play blackjack – or any other card games for that matter.

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