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The Great Suspender: Best Chrome Extension to Stop Chrome from Eating Your Memory and System Resources

by Fahad Saleem

Google Chrome is the favorite browser of a majority of internet users. It’s fast, sleek, fluid and load times are much faster in Chrome than any other browser. But let’s face it: Google Chrome is notorious for eating memory. It is a memory hog, which kills your entire system speed, especially if you are a user like me who opens tabs after tabs. There are many solutions we have talked about on our website in the past to save memory in Google Chrome. But perhaps a game changer is in the town. A new Google Chrome extension called The Great Suspender is here to stop Google Chrome from eating your memory. This extension has a very unique and innovative idea.

The Great suspender suspends the tabs which are not being used. You can give instructions to the extension in its Settings about how long it should wait before suspending the tab. By suspending, the extension means keeping the tab opened by not allocating the computer process to it. You can unsuspended the suspended tab any time by just a single click.

great suspender chrome extension 2

So for example, if I have opened 30 tabs for my research work and later reading, the Great Suspender will stop giving memory and system resources to, let’s say, 25 tabs which I am not using for a while. After some time— hours or even days— I could just open the tabs, make one click and the tab data will be loaded and it would be active again. This way, the extension only gives the system memory and resources to the tabs which are being used.

great suspender chrome extension 1

The Great Suspender is the perfect way to stop Google Chrome from eating the memory. It has a lot of customization. You can set number of seconds, days, hours as to when the extension should suspend a tab.

You can set various options. For example, you can order the extension not to suspend the tab when the system is connected to internet, or not to suspend a tab which has input forms. You can also enable the activation of a tab on focus option. This way, you will just have to click the suspended tab to re-activate it.

If you want to save certain number of tabs from suspending, there is an option of ‘whitelist’. You can add important websites which you want never to be suspended in tab like work email, Facebook, Twitter, or anything which you open frequently.

Download The Great Suspender

Images: Mashable

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