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The Importance of Employee Progression Opportunities within Your Business


After the disruption and, in some unfortunate cases, downright devastation caused by the impact and effects from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdowns, if you are either the manager or owner of a business that is still solvent and profitable then you are to be commended on your business acumen.

However, one area which you were probably unable to focus on as much as you would have liked over the past two years is that of career progression opportunities within your company for your hard-working, loyal and dedicated employees.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn the supreme importance of employee progression opportunities within your business.

Improve The Quality Of Your Hiring Processes

Before you can think about implementing certain incentives and training programs to incentivize and motivate your employees, it is strongly advisable to first examine the quality and efficiency of your hiring processes.

There is a myriad of proven effective ways of streamlining your recruitment process and quality of newly hired employees, including but in no way limited to, the following:

  • Placing more value and focus on the importance of prospective employees’ knowledge of health and safety in the workplace and OSHA inspection sections.
  • Promoting your brand specifically through digital advertising and marketing strategies
  • Manual evaluation of candidates’ resumes
  • Personalizing the entirety of the recruitment process
  • Linking business outcomes back to recruitment metrics

Incentives For Current & Potential Employees

Having decided on the brilliant addition of incentives, both for employees that are currently working within your company and for potential recruits in the future, you must then spend time considering which kinds of incentives to include.

The world really is your proverbial oyster when it comes to cherry-picking the right incentives based on the ethos and functionality of your particular business. However, having said that there are a number of tried and tested, proven to be effective ideas for incentives, including:

  • The option of remote working, part-time or full-time, where applicable
  • Flexible working and office hours
  • Healthcare and medical insurance plans
  • Training opportunities
  • Emotional health and wellbeing programs
  • Bonuses which are unrelated to hitting sales targets
  • Networking, team-building and social events

Inspiring Individual Career Progression

A deep-seated and ambitious desire to ascend the proverbial career ladder is all well and good – and certainly an attractive quality when hiring potential employees. However, if you fail to provide a clear pathway in which to expand their knowledge of their own roles and responsibilities as well as that of colleagues in both their own and other departments (if not to quickly gain promotion after promotion for an individual), you will not keep the best employees for long.

A way to get around the problem of highly motivated employees wanting to ascend the ladder quicker than your basic business model and structure will allow is to ensure to provide adequate, varied and, wherever possible company-funded, training and development opportunities.

A motivated and engaged employee is a more productive and efficient one.

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