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The Importance of Professional Technical SEO


Expert SEO and Why YOU Need It

Do you know what bounce rate is? What about the intricacies of Google’s last update and how its new algorithm affects you? URL structure optimization? Root folder indexation? Is your blog formatted properly? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every day, folks use Google to complete over 3.5 billion searches, and in the US more than 80% of people use that search engine to buy products and services. Having an expert SEO agency to audit and manage your website is important to stand out in that tsunami traffic and float over your competition.

Technical SEO

Google, well to be honest all search engines, work on algorithms and bots— the former called spiders. Spiders are small programs, almost tiny in data size, that crawl through your site regularly. Their objective? effectively index your content and site.

A technical SEO expert, unlike a content SEO expert, makes sure your website is optimized for these spiders. They give them, through tweaking and hardwiring certain digital aspects of your website, the right info and communicate to them key information that allows their tiny brains to properly catalog your content. The more info, the more responsive design, the greater chance you’ll have at getting a good spot in search results.

What exactly do they do, Technical SEO experts?

Most users, we’re talking about 90% of them, don’t click beyond the first search result page. It’s that simple. The further down the list of results, the less likely you’re going to get visited. A technical SEO expert makes your website seem attractive to Google and allows you to climb that ladder. Search engines, as a rule, give preferential treatment to websites that display certain technical characteristics— how fast they load, how responsive is their design, optimization for tablets, have they been prepped for smartphones, are they secure, etc.

A technical SEO expert from an SEO agency audits what you already have and starts fixing issues or optimizing technical aspects of your website. From all directions, that includes front-end hacks – how your website is presented to Google, to back-end workarounds – the value of your content.

The importance of Technical SEO

Let’s say your competition is using a faster server and has implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt links between server and browser. Two simple things. Nothing too fancy. Well, chances are they are pummeling you on account of those two factors. Why? Google announced in 2014 that they wanted to see “HTTPS everywhere”. And What is HTTPS? Well, that’s the handle your website gets when it has implemented SSL— Its security certificate.

If your competition molds their website to these two orders from the overlord – Google – then they are no doubt showing up higher than you in results. Now, imagine they are also implementing the other 20 or so technical aspects Google goes ga-ga over? They are steamrolling you. A small investment on their part is leaving you in the dust. You’re most likely living off their leftovers. So if you feel that you need SEO expert’s help, contact

Elements of Technical SEO

There are dozens upon dozens of things a great technical SEO professional will do for your site. The sort of thing that, if you’re not up on the jargon and tech’ babble, you won’t understand. It’s going to sound like Dothraki, but when the results come in and your audience goes up, you won’t even care.

Nonetheless, the 3 main pillars of Tech’ SEO are:

Website Performance

Search Engines prefer websites that load quickly, that are mobile friendly and that are responsive. Something as simple as getting a better server will help you out a lot. A few other fixes?

  • Ensure your image files are as small as possible without pixelation.
  • Take out old coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Compress web pages. Fixing fonts.
  • Eliminate duplicate content.

And dozens of other mends can boost your website’s performance.

Website Indexation

Google needs to catalog your website to know where and when to show it. For that to happen you need to have your website properly indexed. A Technical SEO expert will use different methods to help Google out by properly archiving and giving its spiders the data they need. How do they do this? By going into the coding or the metadata of your site and optimizing it.

Website Crawlability

Here’s how Google works, Its spiders (bots) are infused with a mathematical set of orders (an algorithm). They are meant to respond in a certain way to a certain set of stimuli. Google has the internet plagued with all these bugs. They crawl over your webpage, analyze the page’s content, and following their orders store all their findings into Google’s index vault. Here, another algorithm – one devoted to ranking – digs through the vault and catalogs data (websites) accordingly.

When a user makes a query on Google, the algorithm goes to that catalog and gives them the top ten results. If the user isn’t satisfied with those results, they can ask the algorithm for more. The algorithm swamps them with its second pickings, and so forth.

A Technical SEO and a Content SEO expert – two completely different things – make sure that when the spiders inevitably crawl over your page, they store the right data, the right info in the index vault. They store what you want the ranking algorithm to sort out and catalog.

The importance of SEO

We’re producing too much information daily and Google, like other search engines, is scrambling to make sense of it all. That’s why to a degree they need our help. A content strategy will give you a model on how to craft your blog, your website, around finer points of attracting an audience through SEO. They’ll use keywords, headings, long-tail, all that nonsense. What they won’t do is go into the technical aspects of your website. Why? Because most don’t know how to code, most don’t even know where to begin. That’s’ why it’s important to also have on your staff a Technical SEO expert. That’s the winning formula. Someone to lead the charge in content, another to optimize your webpage.

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