The Kenyan Easter Brunch Basket!

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The Kenyan Easter Brunch Basket!

The perfect cure to your hangover this Easter Holiday!

If there’s one thing that will happen this Easter it will be the gathering of family and friends, whether it’s at house parties, or clubbing, travelling, or even just enjoying a polite get-together at your favorite joint, you can be sure that many of us are looking forward to a break away from the everyday pressures in the name of trying to earn a living!

No doubt that Nairobians know how to have a good time on any given holiday. And because we know that you know how to have a good time, we’ve decided to take care of you the morning after some heavy (or light) over-indulgence. How you may ask? It’s simple –

We’ve put together some of the very best brunch offers for you to choose from this Easter Holiday, so whatever time you wake up after a complete night of enjoyment you can relish on a delicious ‘recovery’ basket from Hellofood to keep you going all Easter through!

EASTER SPECIAL FROM PETE’S – Special Price: 650/-

Pete’s Easter Special includes:-Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrown, Buttermilk Pancakes, Beef Sausages and a complimentary Hot Beverage (House Coffee, Kenyan Tea or Hot Chocolate)

Available from the 24th – 6th of April


Savory Chicken Sandwich (succulent chicken sandwich with a spread of tomato mayonnaise) accompanied with homemade crisps, 350ml soda, miniature salad and a choice of banana or apple  @600

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich (vegetarian delight of assorted grilled vegetables with a wicked pesto spread) accompanied with accompanied with homemade crisps, 350ml soda, miniature salad and a choice of banana or apple. @600

Spinach and Bacon Quiche (a wicked combination of spinach and bacon stuffing) accompanied with homemade crisps, 350 ml soda, miniature salad and a choice of banana or apple. @600

The mixed grill platter is a mouthwatering family platter with fish fingers, chicken fingers, beef skewers, braised lamb @ 1700

Available from the 25th – 6th of April


This is a special pack designed for those of you who have to travel after a night of heavy partying the night before (See, I told you we know how to take care of youJ) This pack contains Bottle of mineral water, fruit jar, Pesto Chicken sandwich wrap with julienne vegetables with a sweet and nutty bulgar salad Zucchini Muffin, Cool Carrot & Cucumber baton bites


Special Price: 1500/ –

Smoked Feta & Sundried tomatoes with baby potato and Olive salad, served with pitta bread, Zucchini Muffin, Cassava roasted crisps with Avocado & Yogurt dip

Available from the 24th – 2ndof April

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